Barcelona, here we come!

Hello friends!

This blog will soon no longer talk about “experiències d’un solleric per Delft”, because we are moving to Barcelona. For real! 😀

Barcelona here we come

We have been busy for quite a while with job interviews, looking for a new home and a “llar d’infants” for our little princess, and arranging to relocate all our stuff. Now is time to announce what has been going on.

After several years enjoying the hospitality of the Netherlands, with its pros and cons, we have decided to move to a warmer land. We will for sure miss a lot of things: good friends and colleagues, cheese, green fields, my 1l yogurt pack with muesli, the quiet life in Delft, the bikes everywhere… But we are also excited to start a new adventure and continue with our careers in a big city next to the sea and the mountains.

We will move around the 9th of September:

  • For those in Delft, let’s catch up soon before we leave. 😉
  • For those everywhere else in the world, let’s meet in Barcelona!

Hugs and kisses,

Xesc, Adri and Elena



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