Hi folks!

A lot happened this year. I travelled for the first time outside Europe. In November, to Japan and then in February, to Colombia. In March we got engaged and then we moved to NS13 (our new home) in April to start a life together. Now I’m back from Brazil.

I guess that makes 2013 the most productive year ever, and it hasn’t ended yet! 😀

I’m very happy of all these changes, but I’d like to get my life settled down again for a little while. I wonder if I’d be able to get back to my little routines, like posting on this blog once in a while, or working on some computer-related project, or going out for a walk and taking pictures. Or maybe I’d adquire new habits. Now I have someone to share adventures with. Someone other than Tux, I mean. 😉

I’m glad we have finally a decent home, with enough place for guests to stay over. BTW, we already have 2 bookings. In June some Colombian friends will come, and then in August my nieces with the whole family. I’m already looking forward to it! It’ll be lots of fun!

As a reward for being so patient, I would like to share some pictures of our new home, NS13. Enjoy!

Best wishes,
Xesc, Adri and family (Tux, Fidel, Manuel and Krtek)


2 Responses to NS13

  1. Torrente says:

    Com be diu en Torrente_2, esta molt net i ordenat,….aixó amb una visita “torrente” es soluciona ràpid.

    Enhorabona Xesc! i una abraçada a na Adri.

    p,d, no veig el tocadiscos!!!

  2. xesc says:

    El tocadiscos hi es, no passis pena. I ahir vaig reciclar un amplificador i un parell d’altaveus per la meva “cova”, per posar musiqueta quan estiguem a sa terrassa, i que els veinats escoltin aquella de “Pit Bull… terrier!” xD

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