First day at Tokyo

I’m safe! 🙂

The whole journey has been an adventure, starting by the flight. I had to check in my bag for 1kg extra baggage (I took 11kg) but it was ok. I flew for the first time in one of those big planes. Not a jumbo, but from AMS to LHR with a Boeing 767 and then to NRT with a 777. It’s amazing the space they have, and I especially enjoyed the beds of the first class. I want one of those next time! 😛

Boeing 777-300 to NRT

The trip started very well, and the plane has lots of movies to see, music, and an interactive map of the world. However, at a certain time the only thing I wanted was to sleep, but I couldn’t. I kept closing my eyes, but sleep woudln’t come, so right now I’m really tired. 😦

Once in the airport, I had to clear immigration and customs, without knowing the exact address where I was staying:

– Well… I’ll stay at a friend’s appartment, but he only thing I know is his phone number.
– No, I don’t know my flight number back either…

As I said, I could have prepared this trip better. Ejem… Cash withdrawal was also not working at first, but I finally managed. Phew… Obtaing my ordinary 21 days Japan Rail Pass was jsut a matter of time, and at 12:19 I took the Narita Express (N’EX) to Tokyo.

There I dozed several times, but I woke up in time to land on the mega Tokyo train station, which has been recently renovated. There were plenty of shops and plenty of people.

Selling Bento at Tokyo station

I made a stop at an Italian restaurant (managed by Jpanase, and ordered a menu. Everything went smoothly, thanks to the cooperation of the waitress. That said, a beer is quite more expensive than in Delft (menu was 12 and beer 6), but it was worth its money. Overall happy! 😀

– “Panxa plena, Xesc content!”

Buildings aroung Tokyo station

Then I ventured into the Imperial Palace gardens, and I made my first contact talking to a Japanese man that wanted me to take his photograph, and then one with me and my penguin and Krtek. He was from Kyu Shu and was visiting Tokyo. Nice! 😉

Nijubashi Bridge

Then I started to feel tired (and hating myself for taking that Gi with me) and walked down to Hibiya Park and then to Ginza, looking for the main Tourist Information Center (TIC), but they just moved it in January to another place, so it was wrong on my outdated map. I found the Ginza Information Center instead, and a lovely madam printed several Tokyo walks and had a nice conversation with me, but still in English.

– You’re a tough traveller, going alone.

Then I walked back to Yurakucho station and took the Yamamote line to Tamachi, where I’ve met Gijs. He has taken me to a Izakaya for dinner, a kind of tavern where your order dishes until you’re satisfied. Yummy! 😀

Tokyo waters

Gijs had an appointment, so I just took a shower and started writing my adventures in Japan. I’m so excited! 😀

Hiyiba park

Things that called my attention:

  • Japanese are very kind and always helpful. If they see you looking at a map, they will offer you help.
  • Some wear mask on their faces. Probably because they have a cold or they don’t want to be infected by some virus.
  • There are plenty of squat toilets together with very sophisticated bidet toilets. I used one at the airport, discovering later that there were also “normal” ones.
  • Lights everywhere. Crowds everywhere. It’s crazy!
  • Oh! I also found a video crew filming a TV spot. 😀

Let’s see if I can upload some pictures as well… Yata!


BTW, tomorrow I’ll still be in Tokyo, walking around Ueno, and I’ll buy a ticket to visit Ghibli museum later on (you need to purchase a ticket in advance and for a specific day and time – Ojo al piojo!). Maybe later I’ll visit the JKA HQ, but it depends on what are we going to do with Gijs tomorrow.

Sights from Gijs appartment

Have a nice sleep! I will! Thanks Gijs! 🙂

PS: Apologies for the wrong time. Pictures were taken in GMT+2 instead of GMT+9.
PS2: if at the end there are too many picures, Maria will be the guilty one. 😛


4 Responses to First day at Tokyo

  1. Hey i didn’t know you were going to Japan, take care and have fun!

  2. Toni says:

    Ses fotos estan fetes amb sa camara nova? Les fetes de vespre estan realment be!!

  3. TORRENTE says:

    Molt bé,… un torrente pel Japó. Suposo que fas qualque setting amb sa càmera nova?

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