Koninginnedag 2012 goodies

Update: I forgot to mention the 4 glasses of bier (La Chouffe style) I bought. 🙂

Hi there!

These are the goodies I bought today at the flea market:

Koninginnedag 2012 goodies

  • “Vlooienspel” and “Reizen door Europa” for my nieces. Both games fully tested before our BBQ. Old games, but still funny and in good condition.
  • A flower vase for my girlfriend, so I can bring her more flowers without her complaining that she has no room for them. 😉
  • 2 albums for my LP collection:
    • Dire Straits: “Brother in Arms”
    • Simply Red: “Picture Book”.
  • A nice fish and a necklace (which is a bit too short)
  • 99 pieces puzzle. Can’t wait to test it!

Oh, the book is not part of my Koninginnedag purchases, but the book I’m reading right now: “La vida esta en otra parte”, written by Milan Kundera. It is a very interesting book.

It was a wonderful day, incredibly sunny. I really enjoyed the free market and also eating our own salads at our little barbecue. It was fun! Thanks! 🙂

However, I missed someone important. I hope you get well soon! 😉

Tot gauw!

PS: for the curious, here are some pictures.


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