Budodag in Vlissingen

Hey folks!

Yet another post. This one to talk about my Karate training last Saturday in Vlissingen, a city in the South West, at almost 2 hours by train from Delft. Getting there was quite a challenge (in particular getting up early on a Saturday morning to catch the 7.24 intercity), but it was worth it.

The stage was divided in two sessions:


Otto talked about the importance of strong stances, and shown us an exercise to get legs strong. I can assure you it works. We did 100 repetitions, and after 2 days I still cannot feel my legs.

He also emphasized balance. We did an exercise from kibadachi, lifting the left knee up, kick, down, and then to the right, without losing balance.

Another good exercise was about using the hips. We had to snap quickly and let our belt fly around. That was fun! especially because we did all this in a circle, looking at each other.

Then we learnt the “Tamashi kata”, a kata invented by him, to show that it is possible and fun to do. It was actually just a warming up for Gojushiho Dai, which we trained afterwards.

(yes, the kata on the video says “Gojushiho Sho”, but it is the one we practised. There is only some confusion about the names.)

After the kata we focused on kumite:

  • Kihon sambon kumite, using only basic techniques.
  • Sanbon kumite, more advanced, the defender decides the rhythm.
  • Kihon Ippon kumite, only basic techniques, for kids.
  • Ippon kumite, more freedom on he counter-attack.
  • Renraku kumite, two attacks.
  • Ura kumite, attacker wins with a counter-counter-attack.


That was new for me. I had never before trained with weapons (except for some occasional bunkai, but not real Okinawan weapons).

We learnt how to move the to defend and to attack first, and then split in two groups, one for beginners to continue managing a , and another one to practise with sai.

We learnt the first kata: Shuji no kon sho ryu kyu kobujutsu

Then we performed 4 kumites from the kata with partner.

I found it very interesting, because a lot of techniques can be applied following the karate principles. Actually, I think it could be seen as an extension to karate. The teacher used all kind of connections between the two to show us how easy it is. And it is true. After 3 hours of training, I learnt quite a lot.

Well, I also received some strikes and have some bruises, but nothing important. I’ll survive. Looking forward for the next stage, and maybe I should buy a . It is fun! 😀

Arigatō sensei!


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