Midvastenloop: 5 years walking for the weak

5 years already. That means 200km, because every year, with more or less pain, I’ve always finished the 40km.

Midvastenloop is a sponsored walk of 40km. You have to look for sponsors, who will pay you a certain amount per km you walk. During the first years they were easy to find. I managed to involve a lot of my work colleagues and friends. Last years were more difficult, maybe because I was not so enthousiastic about it, or because I started too late.

Anyway, I like ths walk a lot because it has become a yearly meeting point with peolple that I only see that day. It’s nice to meet them, every year at the same time and same spot, ready to walk once more.

During the walk you have time to talk of what have you done, what are your plans, etc. For example, last year 2 girls were pregnant (they walked 10km!) and this year I’ve seen their beautiful babies (so jealous!).

Midvastenloop 2012

After the walk we always meet at Fr. Ben’s house, in Enschede, to have dinner, and most of the times to stayover for the night. This year we had to return (I actually had to drive back!), but I can tell you, that dinner is the best of all dinners. Everybody is in pain (except for Fr. Ben) and we eat and help each other like a family. For me is like a retreat. I’m already looking forward to next year. 🙂

PS: pels sollerics, enguany arribaré a Mallorca divendres dia 11 de maig a les 18:15 a l’aeroport, a punt pel xupinasso. Me qued fins dia 29 de maig, o sigui que esper poder anar d’excursió. 😉


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