History repeats itself every time I come back from holidays. After spending some quality time with family and friends, I return to my daily routines. This is fine, but I’ve realized I have too many routines and things to do, so there is no place for something new.

It’s like the empty your cup story. If I want to start something new, like for example my Lindy Hop course, then I have to give up something else.

After much thinking, I decided to temporarily suspend my Japanese lessons. Of course I still want to learn this fascinating language, but right I don’t have enough time to study it seriously, so every Monday I stare at the teacher without understanding what he is explaining, and feeling guilty because I didn’t review all those kanji and grammatical expressions. I hope I can retake the lessons, but right now they’ll have to wait.

On Monday there are also Karate training, so now that I’m skipping Japanese, I can attend them. Last Monday I really enjoyed the lesson, and reinforced my decision. The class starts at 20:00, so that allows me to eat at home, instead of staying late at work (JP starts at 19:00) and eating from some tupperware staring at my computer screen.

On Tuesday my Lindy Hop lessons start at 19:00, so I have to eat on the train or staring at my screen, but for one day is ok. In the train I have time to check my personal e-mail, and relax for the dance lesson. Once I arrive, I lose myself up, and concentrate on socializing and feeling the music. The classes with Katja and Hans are a lot of fun, because we rotate partners and they always make jokes about how to move. Everybody is learning, so I don’t feel bad being clumsy. 🙂

And after the class there is always room to chat with your classmates, and then to listen to some Jazz at Bebop Café, in Delft. Every two weeks there is a jam session, and yesterday there was, so I stopped by and bought me a Chouffe beer. I didn’t stay for long, only until 22:00, but it was enough to enjoy myself, and go home with a big smile on my face. It was like returning to old times, when I was studying and going out more often than I do now.

Then on Wednesday (today), I usually go to our dojo to train Karate, but today I skipped the lesson because I felt a bit tired and sick. Well, in fact, I wanted to have a rest and write this post. Otherwise I would start postponing it, and losing my motivation.

I think I’m too responsible, and I want to stick to all my appointments, even if those appointments are with myself. I already had a good training on Monday, so why force myself? Instead I relaxed a bit and tomorrow I would be able to work better and enjoy the film in Rotterdam.

That takes us to Thursday, my free day. I had a Jazz dance course on that day, but I also quit two weeks ago, because it was no fun anymore.

Oh! Wait! Actually, on Thursdays I usually go running with Agnese and Aljoscha, but since my holiday we couldn’t make it. However, we run from 18:00 to 19:00, so we could consider it a free day.

On Friday I always go to the borrel to grab some food, drink something and at around 18:30 I go to the dojo. Since 2 months (more or less) I started to teach Karate on Friday’s, because is the day with less people, and I have no much experience teaching. I really like to coach my students. It gives me confidence and there is always something to improve. Sometimes we also have free training, so everybody can practice what they want.

After the class I just go home to sleep, exhausted after a working week. Even though last Friday we had a Cooking Club session. Overbooking! :O

Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be days to relax, but I usually do my laundry on Saturday, then go to the centre to the library, or to a friend, or whatever. There is always something planned.

I think that’s all I wanted to say…

Well, I also want to travel a lot this year. I’ve been postponing my trip to Japan for years, and I think that is time to go soon. I recently watched Steve Jobs speech in Stanford and the following message impacted me:

“I could die tomorrow.”

Of course nobody wants to die, but eventually, we’ll all do. So better do want we want now, and not wait years to achieve something.

I also had a dream, and I became very anxious about not fulfiling my “life goals”. I woke up after an accident, and realized I hadn’t done any of them. I just walked a line, working day after day, attending my regular activities, without anything “special” taking place.

Defining my life goals will need another post (this one is taking too long to complete), but one of my dreams is to go to Japan, so better do it right now, before “other projects” appear in my life.

I also want to change to a more challeging job (uh oh!), but for this I need to perform some steps first (I’m so happy I bought my Time Management book! This is the first step to change your life!).

So, to go to Japan I need time, right? And, how can I “buy” time? By reducing my contract to 90% (or maybe 80%?) and working the same hours, so I can acummulate vakantie dagen (in fact, I could use those free days to study Japanese, or prepare for my trip).

The funny thing is, I realized this while talking to a friend driving back from Germany:

– I want to go to Japan.
– Why are you not going?
– Dunno, I need to plan and need time… and…
– Just go.

I couldn’t reply. She was right. I just have to go.

Thanks for that! 🙂

I would love to end this first post sharing some more pictures with you, but before I need to renew my Flickr membership.

Please be patient and enjoy this one as much as I did enjoy our bike trip to Maasluis two weeks ago:

Xesc in Maasluis

You can also appreciate that I grew my beard. Girls here like it, so… why not? 😉

Tot gauw!


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