First impressions on the dance course

Hi folks!

Today I had my first dancing lesson. Let’s have some fun describing my first impressions. 😉

Despite the wind and my crappy bike (working on it. I swear), I arrived just in time (even though I had to run the last 200m). Of course I couldn’t find room 231 alone, so I had to ask to the balie medewerker:

– Room 2-3-1?
– Upstairs, in the left corner.

I went up again and when I opened the door I was not sure whether I had entered the right room. I looked around and only saw girls in ballet clothes, but the teacher said “Jazz dance”, so it must be this one. I knew this Jazz dance course was not really about Lindy Hop, but I was not expecting this. I felt a bit strange with my normal trousers. Maybe I should have brought my tracksuit instead. Anyway, let’s remove my shoes and start the class.

Our teacher is a young girl that is studying modern dance, ballet and Jazz dance in Rotterdam. She’s quite nice and a good dancer. She started introducing herself and asking our names. There are 2 Chinese girls, one from Korea (I guess), and the rest I think they are Dutch.

Did I tell you already that I’m the only man? Eight girls and me. Amazing! Now I understand how my friends studying Biology were feeling. The truth is that I felt a bit “strange”.

We started doing some warming up exercises (that have nothing to do with what we do in a Karate class). We started right away with dance steps, moving the arms and the legs around. Oh my! I was already in trouble and we were just starting! :O

Hopefully, there was enough room and a mirror, so I could see all her movements. Well, because I’m so clumsy, I just put myself at the end, so I could see everybody. I swear I didn’t look too much at the other girls, even though you can imagine it was difficult to concentrate. 😀

All the steps were a bit girlish, but I don’t care. What’s important is to learn to coordinate and keep the rhythm of the music, which is really wonderful. Really! We listened to all kind of Jazz music: street, modern, even some songs were a bit swing. Just that is worth the course. 🙂

Then we also practiced some turns, after which I felt quite dizzy. And afterwards we moved in pairs from the back to the front making even more difficult steps and arm movements. I did this with 2 other girls who had some compassion on me, to not let me alone feeling ridiculous. But don’t worry, we are not really “dancing” in pairs. We just practice choreography on our own. No touching. 😛

At the end of the class we did some stretching, which was easy for me. Concentration, on the other hand, was difficult.

So, despite the fact that I couldn’t make any good movement, I had a rather good impression. The Korean girl was also nice to me. She said:

– It’s the first time you are taking dancing lessons?
– Yes. Well, I did some workshops before, but not really took lessons.
– Oh, you are very brave! Because there are only girls in here.
– Yeah! I didn’t know that… But it’ll be fine. Need to practice.

We had a little chat while dressing and then we went out. I’m looking forward to the next lesson. This is gonna be a big challenge!

Another challenge is going around Delft with my bike chain falling apart all the time. I’m getting used to it, but it’s a real pain in the ass. I’ve finally decided to buy a new bike using the company’s fietsplan, and get it insured against robbery, but now I have to decide which bike to buy. I’ve already looked at a few bike shops, but I can’t find a simple bike around 600EUR. All are fancy ones. Keuzes, keuzes…

Ok, that’s enough for today. Next time I will write about the worst book a I ever bought (I should have read those reviews before buying it).

Sleep tight!


3 Responses to First impressions on the dance course

  1. Seppi says:

    8 vs 1……..FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! Machote

  2. Monica says:

    Hola Xesc,
    No sabia que ya habias comenzado, bravo!!!

    Saludos…me hè divertido leyendo tu blog, necesito saber del metodo que estas usando.

    Nos vemos!

  3. […] takes us to Thursday, my free day. I had a Jazz dance course on that day, but I also quit two weeks ago, because it was no fun […]

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