Misty Sunday

There has been fog the whole week, but today you had to be careful to not bump into someone. You can only see a few meters ahead. That gives the city an air of mystery quite interesting.

Misty Sunday

This morning there were Kyu exams in our Karate club. I arrived late, as usual, but still on time to take notes about the performance of our students. Not too bad. Most of them still lack spirit, but it is slowly improving. After the exam we have gone to a cafe to have lunch and evaluate the results. Gezellig! 🙂

I’ve also decided to buy a new bike with the company’s fietsplan. The one I have can’t handle it anymore. It needs to be retired as soon as possible (chain is constantly skipping). 😦

That’s it for today. Now I want to just “relax”, then repair my PC (kernel crashes randomly) and finally prepare some dinner. I think I’ll go for fish tonight, with some sushi as appetizer… Yummy!

Ja ne!


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