Shall we dance?

Let’s swing!

Today I finally registered for a dancing course! 😀

Shall we dance?

It’s a Jazz dance course (for beginners just like me) they give at the TU Delft cultural centre. I’m not sure whether we will learn Lindy Hop, but I don’t care too much. What I want to learn is the basics (posture, swinging a bit, how to move my feet), so I can go to dance parties and swing!

Who knows? Maybe I can use my skills at Christmas. 😉

Looking for a new home

Yesterday I was up until late looking at Funda (like I promised) for a suitable house (with garden, near the centre and cheap), and requested to visit some of them.

Today they’ve called me and I have 3 appointments for next Wednesday. I should have done this much early, but better late than never. I’ll keep you updated about my quest. 😉

BTW, someone with hypotheek experience? I guess I’ll need some money…

What I’ve been doing

Besides looking for a girfriend and a house, I’ve done a couple of things more the last couple of days:

  • Started giving Karate lessons on Friday at our Karate club. I’m still a newbie teacher, but I’m learning, and I’m happy to help my fellow karateka to improve their technique. 🙂
  • Learned to delegate tasks to my job colleagues. Dutch people say: “delegeren kan je leren”, and it is true. I’m quite happy about that, because I feel much more “relaxed” at work now. There is still a lot to do, and sometimes I still feel “stressed”, but it’s better than before. BTW, we have 2 (two!) vacancies for sysadmin. Anyone interested? 😉
  • Started playing chess online at Gameknot. It’s cool, because you can play when you want, against humans, and you can choose how much time between moves. However, having 3 or more days to respond makes it difficult to remember which was your strategy (if any) or why did you move in a certain way. Anyway, I’m playing 2 games right now. We’ ll see how they end…
  • Started watching The IT Crowd. It’s quite funny, and I especially like their answering machine. That would certainly help us! 🙂
  • Donated to the Wikimedia Foundation, because I use it a lot:
    Support Wikipedia
  • Went to the TU Delft library (I was already at the campus to register for my dance course), and studied some Japanese. It took me 1 hour to fully analyze 2 conversations, but it was rewarding. Then I reviewed some old grammar, from the first course, and I realized how much we have learned in the last 2 years. It was so easy back then, when we only were using the masu form. Being at the university, surrounded by students, is also encouraging.
  • Watched the last episode (from the first season) of Treme, a drama about the Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. I like it because they are playing good music all the time, and the characters are well played. Each episode is quite long (more than one hour), but I really recommend it. Thanks Pere!
  • Scheduled an appointment to renew my Spanish ID. This time I’ll get an electronic one. I’m quite curious to see how it works! 🙂

And, last but not least, I’ve written 3 posts this month! Hurray!

Now is time to sleep.

Oyasuminasai! (sleep well)


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