The trip to Denmark was quite unexpected. One of my colleagues was supposed to drive there with some servers and a phone system, and then install and configure them on site. However, one week before we decided that one person was not enough, and because I’m the “expert” on networking, I was chosen to help with the installation of the new router/firewall (for those interested in technical stuff, we are replacing our pfSense boxes by Vyatta. I like both systems, but Vyatta seems to have a better CLI and a more steady development).

As soon as we decided to go to Copenhagen, we booked a hotel for 2 people and I postponed all my appointments for one week later. I also started testing the new firewall configuration, creating a “virtual” office network in our server room. We got everything up and running in one week, and agreed to meet next Monday at 8:00 at the office to pick up all hardware and start our long journey (by car).


The weekend before I already had plans to go to Belgium with my Karate club, so it was going to be a busy week. We enjoyed a weekend with perfect weather, some adventure in the woods, a lot of training and “paella a la xesco”. It was great, but I didn’t have much sleep, so on Sunday I was quite exhausted. The first thing I did when I arrived home was to pack my stuff for next trip, and go to sleep! :O


On Monday morning there were already problems at the office with a server out of disk space.

“Funny”, I thought. “We are about to leave and things start to break down.”

Borrowing a TISpas to pay the hotel expenses was our first challenge. We were too early to find someone who will lend us a card, so we had to wait a while. Carrying all the stuff to the car was the next challenge. The pushcart we took was not especially designed to carry so much weight, and when we were at 100 meters from the car it just collapsed. I should have taken a picture of that moment. Ai… I’m still laughing. 😀

We drove to Copenhagen without incidents. Well, in Germany we couldn’t drive as fast as expected because of the works on the highway, and we were stopped at the Danish border for customs control (oups!), but no accidents. This is the route we followed (more or less):

We took a bridge between Nyborg and Corsor instead of the ferry, and arrived to the hotel around 20:30. Time to leave our baggage in the rooms and go out for dinner.

After looking around for a good place to eat, we chose Café Obelix, a funny café restaurant that was quite cheap, and ordered pasta with chicken and a local beer. It was quite ok. Then time to go to sleep.


Next morning we discovered that Copenhagen has a lot of cyclists, but you have to be very careful, because there are not so many bike lanes as in the Netherlands, and is a bit of a jungle.

Bikes everywhere

We spent the whole morning talking with the local IT staff, getting to know our new colleagues and palnnign the changes for the afternoon. At noon a bell ringed and we had a delicious warm lunch. That surprised us. In the Danish office a catering company brings food and everybody eats together. And if there are left-overs, you can take them home, so no food wasted! Cool! 😀

In the afternoon I configured the new firewall and we replaced the existing Cisco after 16:30 (another interesting point, our danish colleagues work from 8:30 to 16:30!). Checking that all services still worked, and making the necessary adjustments took us some time, and we went home at almost 20:00. Another day without doing tourism, but a lot achieved. Look how happy is Tux:

Frida & Tux

That night we ate at Jensen’s Bøfhus, because it was at the corner and it was full of people (I always follow Rafe’s rule and go to restaurants with people in them). 😉


Next day we solved a couple of integration issues, JW started deploying the new phone system, and then we had dinner in a traditional restaurant with 2 Danish colleagues. Food was delicious! Later we went for a nightly walk in the city, and found an interesting bar: The Livingroom. Highly recommended if you want to chill out and have a relaxing chat with a friend.



Thursday was our last working day in Copenhagen, and we used it to finish the configuration of the backup system and the new phone system. People loved it!

Central station

At 17:00 we rushed out of the office to do (at last) some sightseeing. JW wanted to buy some pastry for his parents (the ones we ate every morning in the hotel were delicious!), so that was our first mission. Once acomplished, we went walking towards the haven, to find the statue of the Little Mermaid and take a picture with Tux.


In our quest we saw a lot of buildings, bought some postcards and took a boat from Nyhavn to Nordre Toldbod. There we walked a bit and found the famous statue. It was already quite dark, so I couldn’t take a very nice shot, but the idea is there:

Tux and the little mermaid

Our third mission was to find a place to eat, so we went back to Nyhavn, where we’d seen quite a lot of good restaurants. We got a seat on the Heering terrace, protected by a warm heater. I chose the LAMMESKANK (Lamb shank), and JW the UNGHANEBRYST (Breast of Cockerel). Both were delicious. I also enjoyed a Dry Apple Cider (and bought some on the ferry back home).

Denmark is a beautiful country, but eating out is quite expensive. A bottle of beer will cost you around €7, an espresso €4 and a bottle of wine at least €30. Main courses cost around €25. You have been warned!



On Friday we had our last breakfast at the hotel, and went to the Central Station to send the postcards I wrote for my family (sorry friends!). There we found a curious train set with mountains, a small city, and trains that moved if you throw a coin. It was nice, because there were 4 different trains, so you could choose which one to “sponsor”. Imagine, we end up with the whole set moving around. Cool!


On the journey home, this time we took the ferry to Puttgarden, where you can buy all kind of stuff duty-free. I spent my last DKK buying a couple of cider cans. I wanted the Dry Apple Cider, but couldn’t find it. Helaas…

Puttgarden to Rodby Ferry

What we found on the ferry was a complete train! It was the ICE going from København to Hamburg. WTF! :O

ICE on a ferry?

Back home we didn’t have any serious incidents. There was only an accident on the highway A1, but in the other side. Poor drivers. They got stuck in a very loooooong traffic jam.

As you can imagine, we spent the whole day driving, and arrived quite late (around 20:00) in Delft. I said goodbye to JW and went upstairs to the office to store the hardware leftovers. There I found some colleagues still at the borrel and (amazing!), still some food! Hurray! I helped myself with a couple of beers and stokbrood and joined the rest in the balcony for a while. Then I started to feel really tired and went home. Time to rest. 🙂

Copenhagen, finally on my Europe map!

And that’s it. As always, you can see the rest of the pictures on Flickr, even though this time they are not very spectacular.

Hope you like it! It feels great to write again! 😀


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