Day off

Can you believe that I’m still running Debian Lenny (old-stable) on my desktop PC?

Besides watching series or movies at dinner time, I rarely use my PC. I used to write on this blog, and add pictures, but the last time I updated my photo library was the first week of August!

It was time to take a day off and solve that. I’m currently running an apt-get dist-upgrade to Squeeze and organizing photos on my desktop PC, while listening to some Jazz and drinking green tea (and writing this on my small netbook).

I will update this post later. APT is asking me some questions I have to answer. 😉

Update 2011-10-07:

  • I’ve compiled my Nvidia drivers for my 2.6.32 kernel and X Window works again! (at 1600×1200) 🙂
  • MPD audio output set to software mixer and I can also listen to music. Yuppie!
  • Finally, GRUB2 updated so I can boot into the new kernel by default.

Everything seems to work fine now on Geb. Maybe I need to adjust some settings, but after a week or two I guess I should have a pretty stable desktop machine. Then I will be able to upgrade Shu, my “testing” machine, to Wheezy. That may be fun! 🙂


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