Open Huizen Dag

After a week working in Copenhagen, I was planning to spend Saturday at home, resting and listening to music, and maybe going to the dunes to enjoy the sunny day.

However, when I arrived yesterday at home, I saw on my calendar that today was an open day to visit houses in sale. I could certainly not miss this opportunity! I’ve been thinking about buying a house for more than 3 months now, but I still hadn’t visited any. So, better start soon! 🙂

After a good night of rest in my own bed (and a long and lazy breakfast), I’ve made a selection of houses to visit. For those interested, seems a good starting point. I’ve first visited a nearby house, in Brasserskade. It is quite cheap, and I liked the living room and kitchen. The only problem is that I may need to tear down a wall to make a second bedroom, and I’m quite lazy to do that. But the couple selling the house were very nice. They’ve shown me the house downstairs, that was also in sale and had a little garden.

Then I went down town, to return “Cocaine nights” and “Rough Guide to Copenhagen” and borrow two other books. The house I visited next wasn’t worth it. There was plenty of humidity, and only one bedroom. 😦

However, next one was cool. There was a party outside, and the owner invited me to come inside (telling me that normally there is no noise whatsoever). The living room was impressing, with a fireplace and a door to the garden and another one to the kitchen. The toilet and shower are also on the ground floor, and are not so nice, but I don’t care much about it. It would be nice to have them on the first floor, though. There are two bedrooms and a little terrace on top of the kitchen, and then a storage room on top of the house. Until now is the best hosue I e seen, and the woman that talking to me was very sincere and helpful, so that counts also.

Then I still had time to see another house, but it had only one bedroom, so I guess I won’t buy it. And then it was too late to visit the next house. But when I was heading home, I met a colleague and she showed me her house. That was a nice one, with a fireplace, big bedroom, complete bathroom and beautiful decoration. Her neighbor is selling his house, but it has only one bedroom. Helaas, it would be nice to have her as neighbor.

I spent the rest of the day was quite lonely. I had lunch at almost 17:00, called my mum to tell her my progress hunting for a home and my trip to Denmark, and then slept a bit.

I also called some friends, but none of them seemed to be available. I guess is one of those days you have to spend alone, whether you like it or not.

I decided to go outside for a walk, wondering if I should go to the Filmhuis or not. There were 2 French films, but one was too dramatic, and the other one… I don’t know. I didn’t feel like going.

So I continued walking, and… mysteries of life, I ended up shopping in the AH. The thing is that I didn’t know what to buy. Some veggies, a bottle of Pinot Blanc, yogurt and milk for tomorrow’s breakfast and then I spent more than 5 minutes trying to decide which piece of salmon to buy. 164g or 148g? Or should I buy something else? Boy! How I am supposed to buy a house if I can’t decide what I want to have for dinner! This is so depressing… The funny thing is… I’m not even hungry. Well, I’m starting to.

Op de stoep

I don’t know. This whole business is confusing. Should I really do this? Or wait? But I’m tired of waiting! I want to move on! I think it’s also time to find a girlfriend. I guess looking for a house would be easier then. Or maybe not. Who knows… I’m confused. Maybe I want too many things at the same time. :/

Let’s eat!


5 Responses to Open Huizen Dag

  1. Toni says:

    Important! Hi han de caber dues nines!!! Que hem de venir a extrenar-la!!!

  2. TORRENTE says:

    Ei Xesc, fora stress. Sempre es complicat donar consells sobre salmons, però pensa que per lluny que estiguin els amics i la família; sempre ei serem.

    Jo soc de l’opinió que per ser feliç es més important estar rodejat de bona companyia, que ser propietari d’un petit tros de planeta; més ben dit, que el propietari sigui el banc i nosaltres esclaus d’aquest, que te la capacitat de privar-te de la llibertat de decidir el que t’agradaria fer en cada moment. (m’ha sortit sa vena de indignat)

    Per acabar, dir-te que et posis a davallar maletes com un boig. Que quant ens tornem a veure, duguis la càmara plena de bones fotos.

    Salut i força.

    • xesc says:

      Ei Rafe! Gràcies pels consells! Llàstima que per anar a Copenhagen agafàssim el cotxe… En anar a Budapest agafaré l’avió i me posaré a davallar maletes. Promès! 😉

  3. Toni says:

    Hey! Jo només havia llegit la primera part del post.
    El que diu en Rafel es important “fora stress”. Es com caçar, no pots decidir quan, ni on, sortira l’ocell, només estar atent i quan es posi a tir,….
    Crec que l’important es gaudir de cada moment.
    Per cert, lo de venir va en serio!! quan hagis decidit (si ho fas,es clar, i si no ja cercarem solucions) es una bona excusa per fer el primer viatge amb les bessones!

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