Non-Stop Training

September 2011 will be remembered as the Karate non-stop training month. Two Senseis came at the end of August from Temple City (West Coast Shotokan Karate Association HQ), and since then we have been training all week long.

On Saturday 10 we joined the Delfiade holding a stand and performing in several exhibitions. There were not many people around, but it was fun anyway (next time we need to go to the centre instead of Doelenplein!).

Karate exhibition at Delfiade 2011

(Thanks to Sybren for taking the picture!)

It was fun because we stayed all together and watched other people performing Aikido, Kenpo, and other martial arts. The Japanese embassy was also there, so I profited to get some flyer’s with info about Japan, and also some papers and instructions to do Origami. Let’s see if I am able to built a crane soon! 🙂

Later we went to a Chinese restaurant to eat some nice food (there was plenty!), and on Sunday one of my colleagues took his Sandan exam. There are currently 5 Nidan, so he would become the first Sandan of our Dojo. It was a long exam, but he resisted pretty well. In the evening we gathered again to say goodbye to our Sensei (he’s going away 2 years) and the Chief Instructor of our Association. We ate Chinese (again!) and talked about the future of our Dojo. At the very end, I also received my Nidan grade diploma. Yuhu! 🙂

As a result, I’ll be soon giving lessons at the rest of karatekas, together with the other Nidan, and going to as many seminars as possible. Next Friday, for example, we are going to a Bunkai seminar in Den Haag, and afterwards to Belgium for a weekend of training and reflexion. Yesterday we also had an instructors class, where we asked a lot of questions to Sensei Will.

As you can see, I have no much time left, but I’m very excited about becoming a teacher. I’ve plenty of ideas, but I still need to learn the formalities, and some “psychology” to teach to children. I’m so afraid of them! :O

Putting Karate aside, I’ve started again to think about going to Japan next year, maybe in April, just before the Firó. I have the feeling that if I don’t go now, I may start doing other things and postponing this trip forever. I want to be there at least once in my life! Maybe I could train with some Japanese Sensei there. That would be great! 😀

Ok… I guess it’s time to leave now. I’m going to run under the rain for a while. Keep training! Non-stop! 😉


PS: Wow! This is my 300th post! Awesome! 🙂


One Response to Non-Stop Training

  1. TORRENTE says:

    Si, si,.. molt de Karate però una “colchoneta” pels peus.

    Aquesta clau serveix per donar la ma algú i impressionar-lo,

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