Playing around with OSPF

Hey folks!

Today it’s raining again, but I’m quite happy. And why is that? Well, the house is clean and tidy, so I finally had time to do some “nerdy” stuff at home. 🙂

As some of you may know, at work I’m busy building a new firewall for our company. We are testing Vyatta, and last Thusrday I discovered OSPF, a routing protocol that may help us balance routes to our foreign offices via OpenVPN tunnels. I started playing with it, and I’m very enthousiastic about it. I’m already making plans to implement it in our testing network, as managing static routes is becoming quite painful. 😀

Internetworking with TCP/IP, volume 1

Today I’ve spent the whole morning reading “Internetworking with TCP/IP” from Douglas E. Comer, a wonderful networking book, and messing around with some test firewalls. I still don’t master all the parameters and messages of the protocol, but I think that after a few tutorials and experiments I may understand it and implement it in production. 🙂

While at work, I’ve also listened to some of my Jazzy LPs. What a great Saturday morning!

Now is time to cook and eat something, but I may come back later with my adventures at the WheelOfEnergy, so stay tuned! 😉


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