Still alive

Hey dudes!

I’m still alive! Not writing much lately, but that’s because a lot is happening! 😀

I still have to select some pictures to share with you, but let’s give you first a quick update:

As most of you already know, in May I went to Majorca for 10 days to celebrate our traditional “Fires i festes de Sóller”. It was fun! Then I went to London for work and had some adventure (I’m currently working on a dedicated post, so stay tuned!).

Afterwards things started to go fast: cooking club dinner, Gipsy festival in Tilburg, Champions League (!?), Dunya festival in Rotterdam, birthday parties, Ascension day, Mooi Weer Spelen in Delft, and much more.

As you see, I haven’t had much time to write. But there is something that cannot wait anymore:

– What’s the most important thing that happened these days?
– Has tornat davallar maletes!?
– Not yet, but I bought a ska/jazz hat!

After several years looking for it, I finally made a decision! Thanks to Agnese and Hazel for their tips, and to insist! 🙂

Rat Ka Bay Bal

Today I went to the Mooi Weer Spelen festival with it, and even though last year the performances were better, at the end we found an interesting one: Boucherie Bacul (a surrealistic butcher shop) and then a concert of a gipsy band from Belgium: Rat Ka Bay Bal. I even bought a CD! (without having a CD player!) 😀

More (photos, text and video) will follow soon!

PS: reading about Syrian uprising… 😦


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