Nobody Knows

I don’t know why, I always end up watching sad movies. “Nobody Knows” (Dare mo shiranai) is very beautiful, but at the same time very heartbreaking. I wonder how a mother can do that to their children. Anyway, I think is a very good movie. Take a look at the trailer, and decide for yourself.


  • On Thursday, I finished “Norwegian Wood”. I liked it, and now I’m looking forward to see the movie.
  • Friday I bought a new book. Nowadays I usually go out for lunch and take a book with me. I sit on a bench and read while eating. As I had no book, I decided to go to a book shop and buy one. When my eyes met “The Alchemist”, I knew I had found what I was looking for. It looks promising. 🙂

The Alchemist

Paintings, lasers and kanjis

Today, I finally finished my birthday present for Esperança (one of my lovely nieces). A bit late (she turned 8 in February), but I hope she’ll like it. I’ve painted the Earth on one side and the solar system on the other one, so she can choose which side to watch. After decluttering my room I went to the post office to send it, along with a little surprise I found on my way.

Then I went to the TU Delft library, to study Japanese without distractions (DOK was already closed). However, they have put some new bookshelves with items just returned. Just for curiosity, I’ve taken a look and have found an interesting book about lasers:

Understanding lasers

I’ve read it for about 2 hours. All concepts are explained very clearly, so even a physics dummy like me can understand it! Optics, energy levels, wavelengths… To think that I studied all this stuff 5 years ago. It sounds much more fun now that then. Probalby because I have no pressure of exams. One thing that touched me about the capacity of optical fibers for communications. In some experiments they have reached one trillion bits per second! WTF!

When things got more complicated I turned to my kanji and reading practice. A smartphone comes very handy to lookup words in a dictionary. 😉

One last thing before going to bed

Tomorrow I’m going to a Big Band battle in Amsterdam. Looks like fun! 😀

Even if I’m not able to dance, I think is worth to go and watch them play.

Ja ne!


2 Responses to Nobody Knows

  1. Toni says:


    Me havia oblidat de dir-te que ja fa 1 mes (en acabar es meu permis de paternitat) que faig feina nomes amb Linux!!!!! (Ubuntu). Abans de nadal havia instalat es fedora, pero ara tenc un ordinador nomes per Ubuntu, i el que es mes increible, l’estic utilitzant!!

    (fomatdb -i bd cepas.txt -p F -o T)una petita mostra.

  2. Xesc says:

    Ostres! No m’ho puc creure! En venir me faràs una demostració, mola! 😀

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