Yes! You have read it correctly. Today I started running! 🙂

It was one of those things in my TODO list that I keep postponing indefinitely, but today I decided that it was time to start. I don’t know how much time I will keep running, but I hope it will be for a long time. I’m not gonna run every day, but at least once per week should do. Near my house there is a park with trees and a lake, with a lot of small tracks for horses, bikes and runners. It is an ideal place to run, and it took me only 7 minutes to get there.


Well, basically I want to improve my physical condition so I can perform better at Karate. In addition, it is a way to disconnect from work. The truth is that I’ve never run before. At least not in a systematic way, so to say. I feel it quite boring, but today it felt great. I felt free. I only put my tracksuit, a pair of running shoes, and I attached the front door key to my neck, put my mobile phone in one pocket (to keep track of the time) and a pair handkerchiefs (for my cold) in the other (next time I have to put on some gloves as well, because it was quite cold), and then I rushed outside. I started walking, and then increased speed towards the Delftse Hout, running at my pace, feeling free.

There was almost nobody there, as I the sun was setting down, only 2 or 3 runners, and some people walking. I did a complete circle to the lake, in about half an hour. More than enough for a newbie like me. At the end I was “treguent es fetge per sa boca”.

Next week the lent season starts, so instead of “fasting” (I don’t want to stop eating) I plan on running more and more. The only problem is to find a good time. Maybe early in the morning? Late in the evening? I guess that as the weather improves, it will be easier to do late in the evening. But running before breakfast sounds like a good idea (I will certainly be hungry by then!). Anyway, let’s stick with running “at least” once per weekend. 🙂

What else?

This weekend I did a lot of things! On Saturday I cleaned up the kitchen from bottles and paper, bounced some mail, and finally replaced my front brakes. It was time!!!! They were making a horrible noise, and I discovered why. Brake pads were completely worn out, so I was braking metal against metal. The rims are quite damaged. Oups!!! 😦

Next, I went to the library to return some books and study a little bit of Japanese, and when they throw us out (at 17h!!!!) I took a travel guide of Greece and a Dirkjan comic book.

At night I went to the Filmhuis to watch Biutiful, a film directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu, with Javier Bardem as main character. It was a really good drama, combining several socials problems in one movie: immigration, Chinese mafia, broken families, death… You should go and watch it. In addition, the story is settled in Barcelona, and it aroused some memories from when I was studying there.

This afternoon, after my classical “maxi-omelette” lunch, I’ve just relaxed at home, reading Norwegian Wood and listening to some Jazz. It was sunny, so I could read near the window, enjoying the warmth of the sun. Ummm… Nice! 🙂

Norwegian Wood

Then I went running, came back to take a shower and write this, and now is time to eat again! 😀

See ya next week!

PS: oh, I also wanted to write about my Japanese study plans, but that will have to wait…


3 Responses to Running

  1. korrey says:

    Té gràcia, jo vaig començar a córrer despús-ahir, i hui torne 😀 M’ho proposà un amic i a vore si durem, que bona falta mos fa!

  2. xesc says:

    Bona sort!

    Jo avui hi he tornat, i me sent super bé! Quan tornava de la feina he decidit sortir a córrer una estona (20 minutets) pel Delftse Hout, abans de que se fes fosc del tot.

    Això sí, lo de córrer els matins no m’acaba d’anar bé. M’estim més rodolar per dins el llit que passar fred per defora… 🙂

    A veure quant de temps ens dura la ratxa d’esportistes. 😀

  3. korrey says:

    Ahir tornàrem a còrrer nosaltres també. Vora 5km! Hui no tinc forces ni per anar a comprar-me unes cames de repost… però estic content d’anar agafant-li el gust.

    I no, pel matí és massa dur ixir a còrrer, buf!

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