Year planning

Every year, people usually makes a lot of proposals and wishes, but at the end of the year, few are accomplished. In my case, I cannot complain. Things went quite well last year. I only miss traveling more often. We made a really nice trip to Switzerland, but that’s it. This year I would like to visit some friends in Belgium and Greece, and maybe go back to Switzerland.

For some strange reason (maybe fear? maybe laziness?), I haven’t decided yet when to go to Japan. I’m still studying Japanese, but it becomes more and more complicated, and I feel quite pessimistic on mastering it. During my holiday I practiced just a tiny bit with a friend’s boyfriend. It was the typical “hello, I’m Xesc, how are you?”. Not a very profound conversation. I feel too shy to start talking. To solve that, Monday I have an assignment. I have to read a story about 提灯お化け (ghosts) and then explain it to the rest of the class. We will see how it goes. 🙂

Regarding my “professional career”, I’m still in the same place, but trying to gain more and more experience, which sometimes tires me a bit. I end up the whole day thinking about bits and networks. BTW, yesterday I got a new mobile phone. It’s an Android-based smartphone, with a lot a fancy features. It took me a while to configure, but at the end it’s quite easy to use. I changed the language to English, set a new wallpaper, changed the PIN, connected to my home wifi, configured my work e-mail account and some RSS feeds, to be updated. What I like most is the weather forecast and Teeter, an addictive labyrinth game which got me hooked for almost half an hour. I passed level 26, but then I decided to go to sleep.


What else? Today I was planning to go to the nieuwjaarsborrel of the Filmhuis, but I forgot to register in time. So today I called and they told it was full. Helaas. Then I decided to watch “El secreto de sus ojos”, but again I arrived late, and the film had already started. Helaas. Anyway, I’ve had a coffee and read about the upcoming IFFR program. Let’s see if I don’t miss this one.

I have other things in mind, but I think that for now is enough. Time to do something else, like sewing my tracksuit trousers.

Stay tuned!

PS: I also wish I could learn to dance some swing like Tranky Doo, but I think it will be quite complicated with my lack of musical skills… 😉


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