What to do on a free weekend?

Today is Saturday, and no maintenance has been planned, so I’m “free”. I’ve got up quite late, around 10h, started a laundry, and had breakfast.

“Hustle him off,” Lana said to Jones.
“Whoa! How you hustle off a elephan?”

Now I’m sitting on my desk, trying to decide what to do next. I’ve checked the Filmhuis site, and tonight I’ll go out and watch “Me and Orson Welles”. It seems a good film to me. We’ll see.

I only have to decide what to do this afternoon, as the morning is already gone (it’s 12:13 PM right now). Difficult. So many things to do and I can’t choose one. Play a record? Good idea… Playing “Billie’s Blues”… Later maybe I could go out and buy some records and the second hand market.

Or I could study for my LPI exam. Last Thursday I finally registered for exams 101 and 102 to get my LPIC-1 certification. I’ve scheduled them for the 24th November in Rotterdam. Whole day busy. Even though I’m not a great fan of certifications, I think it’s a good idea to get the LPIC. I’m learning quite a few things about Linux I didn’t know, and besides, the company pays for it. So, why not? My idea is to get the LPIC-1 (which is quite easy) before the end of this year, then go for LPIC-2 before summer, and hopefully go for the LPIC3 at the end of 2011. I’ll keep you informed.

Or I could write my Karate essay. I still haven’t started. I’m quite lazy about writing. How could I start? Maybe talking first about “what is karate” and then go for the main subject “teaching karate” and “self development”. Maybe I can do that tomorrow. (Oups! i’m procrastinating again…)

Or I could train some katas at home. That sounds good! I “need” to move! Let’s do it!

Or I could go to the library and study some Japanese. I’m still busy with the second book, trying to finish units 4 and 5, and at the same time practicing some kanji writing. However, as my project to go to Japan has been postponed, I don’t feel motivated enough… These days I just spend some minutes every morning to review vocabulary with Anki and read the book a little bit.

Talking about Japan, yesterday I went to a “all you can eat” Japanese restaurant in Delft with my fellow Japanese students and our sensei. I found it quite expensive, but the food was good. However, I prefer a normal restaurant, when you order a dish or two, like we did in Barcelona with Toni2 and Dani. Because it’s an “all you can eat”, you end up eating too much. The concept is very similar to Sumo, where we went for our “Saas team” dinner, but there you get 2 balls of ice cream instead of one. 😛

Later we went to De Waag for a drink or two with a reduced group. I thought we would talk In Japanese, but the conversation drifted to Dutch immediately. Anyway, it was a gezellig evening. The café is also very nice. I’m sure some of my friends would like to see the valves amplifier they have. Amazing! 🙂

But let’s go back to our starting point: What to do?

The house needs also some maintenance. Should I clean the kitchen? I think waiting to make a cleaning calendar is no use. Better do it today, and be happy the rest of the week. Furthermore, I have some guests (from the cooking club) for dinner this Wednesday… (Oh! BTW, I should check how many people will come.) so the house should be “presentable”. For the curious ones, we’ll do raclette! Nyam, nyam! 😀

(wait a moment… I think the wash machine has finished…)

What else could I do? Go to work? You may be surprised, but I actually considered this option this morning when I woke up. Yes, I know, I’m sick. I think I’m getting work-addicted. Sometimes I even dream with switches and computers… Yesterday I discovered some tricks with the VLAN configuration on our Saas switches, and this morning I wrote some improvements on a sheet op paper, so I can implement it and test it on Monday. (I want to configure the switches so they can work either on our “Octopus” lab or in the production environment, so we can test changes and assess impact more easily) I was tempted to do it today, but better do it next week, so I can involve my colleagues in the change.

Finally, I could do what a weekend is for: RELAX!!!!!! Either read a book, listen to my LPs, go out for a walk (for a change, today it’s not raining!), or just lay down on my bed.

Why is it so difficult for me to just relax? Why I need to be thinking of “what to do”? Mysteries of Xesqui’s intricate mind… Well, I actually did a good thing this morning: update my blog!!!! 😀

Ok… now… let’s move away from this chair… and “do” something!

Update 14:54:

I went “outside”, but it was quite depressing, so I came back to my “cave” (I guess Ignatius is having a bad influence on me).

I’ve thrown some empty bottles of wine (*) and pots to the glass container, and then I’ve gone to the city center, but unfortunately there was no free market today, and as I wasn’t feeling like shopping anything else, I came back. Ah, I also took the liberty of bouncing some mail (I love that!) and grease my bicycle chain. Now I’m ready for a succulent lunch… 😀

(*) Yes, like Mrs. Reilly, I’m also becoming (becoming? I already was!) addicted to red wine, but it seems that I’m not the only “alcoholic” in the house. Interesting… Maybe we can create a social club. xDDD


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