Time for another update. Maybe a more technical one. As some fans have already pointed out, I’m so busy that I keep this blog at a minimum. It’s time to change that! (or not)

Maybe I should talk of my experiences at work (without telling any secret, of course). Today, for example, we received 12 servers at once. It was quite a lot of work to unpack and put in the rack, but I think it’s more efficient than getting a server every month or so. Everything is tidy now in the server room. 😀

pfSense: The Definitive Guide

I’m also looking forward to start installing stuff: VMware ESXi on 5 PowerEdge R610 for production, one R310 for development, and pfSense on other two R310. But the most exciting about this is planning for changes. I’m still reading The Practice of Network and System Administration, and I found it very interesting. It is quite helpful, with a lot of examples I can put in practice. The rest of books are more “product-oriented”, and I use them to quickly get to the point. This one I read slowly, several pages during my “long breakfast”, and try to find an application at work. This week is time for “change proposals” for our “maintenance window” on 6 November.

Yes, I have to work again on Saturday… It’s tiring, but fun at the same time. I think I will never get bored… 🙂

Actually, I don’t know what to do tomorrow. Maybe study some Japanese, or write a thesis for my karate exam. They gave me a topic today: “The importance of teaching karate for self-development”. We’ll see what I can write about it.

That’s all for today, folks!

PS: about the title… it’s a little secret… I can’t talk about… yet! 😛

PS2: I keep forgetting things… I also wanted to announce that I posted some pictures. Enjoy! (or not) 😉

PS3: btw, “chili con carne” seems to be under control now, and no need to have dinner tonight! 😀


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