Tancat per vacances

I’m ready! 🙂

Well, almost. The last two weeks I’ve been preparing for my trip to Majorca (and my return). I’ve registered for my Japanese course starting in September, bought the course book, purchased tickets for the Goran Bregovic concert in Den Haag, made appointments, cleaned up my room, emptied the fridge, and bought some LPs for my collection.

Yesterday, I finished the most urgent projects at work, prepared my luggage (including some gifts for my family and some Karate gear to train in Majorca for my Nidan exam), had a light dinner, watched a movie (Summer in Berlin, in German) and went to bed.

Today, I’ve prepared lunch with the last piece of tomato, cheese and ham I had, watered my plants, given instructions to take care of them while I’m gone, taken a shower and now I’m writing the last post before going away.

However, I still have a problem to solve:

I’ve almost finished my novel! What I’ll read in the plane?

There are only two options: buy a book in the airport or go to the library. But it’s getting late to go to the DOK, and it seems that I have another problem. Our “lovely” national train company, NS, has a nice message in their treinplanner:

Deze trein rijdt vandaag niet

So… Maybe… I should go… Now! :O

See you soon! (I hope)


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