Lonely beach

Hey! Time to another monthly update!

Lately I don’t have much to say, but yesterday I took my bike for a ride in the countryside, and I ended up in a beach, a lonely beach. Two weeks ago we went to Kijkduin to train karate. I went with tram/bus, but I would like to go by bike next time, so yesterday I decided to go and find the best route, using a fietsroute.

I started making the wrong decision, that is, going through Den Hoorn. What an ugly road! Wind was blowing hard, and on my left there were plenty of cars. Hopefully, after a while (at point 54) I found a better road, in the middle of the nature. I went to 26, 48, 59, 14, 15 and 16, until I arrived to Naaldwijk, a nice village. Then I continued to 12, 11, 8 and 6, the beach.

Lonely beach 1

At first I wanted to continue, but I was tired that I stopped to relax a bit. When I saw that empty beach, I knew that I would stay for a while. It was so calm. I removed my shoes and ran towards the sea. I put my bag on the sand and put my feet in the water. I enjoyed the breeze for a few minutes, and then I decided it was time for a little training.

Alone in the beach

I performed some kata, and then the beach looked like this. Then some people appeared. A man with his child running a kite, a woman with her two dogs, an old couple. All people looking for some quiet space.

Then, before it was dark, I continued. The route along the dunes is really beautiful. I’ll definitely come back. Going through Den Haag is not so nice, but you can’t go via the dunes all the time!

See you in August!


One Response to Lonely beach

  1. Tomeu says:

    Un paradís!

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