Time for an update

Is it possible that my last post was in May, 5? Wow! That’s a long time ago… :O

Since my trip to Switzerland, I’ve been busy with a lot of things, mostly related to work and love affairs. Yes, I finally got some love stories, but they haven’t lasted long. Anyway, as we say in Spanish: “fue bonito mientras duró”.

Let’s go directly to the point (I wanna go to bed soon!): “What is keeping me busy right now?” This weekend (or last one), I was working in our server room to tidy it up and make some space for a new test envirnoment, where I wanna test some new features and play around with the network: switches, load balancers, high availability servers, etc. I want to be safe and keep my manager happy, so I will let the production servers do their job, and “experiment” with some projects I have in mind since a long time:

  • Advanced Routing: I want to deep my knowledge in routing protocols, adding virtual networks, firewalls, WAN emulators and that kind of stuff.
  • Load balancing: I want to try HAproxy+keepalived in front of our SSL proxy farm. I’ve already implemented 2 HA firewalls with Heartbeat and Csync2, but I want more experience with HA free software.
  • Configuration Management of Linux servers with Puppet. I think is a very interesting approach. I’m tired of keeping our servers up to date via my own scripts. I just want to install Debian and add them as node of a “master” puppet that controls and checks everything.
  • Centralized log analizer: I’m thinking of syslog-ng+Splunk, but first I need to try it out. I would prefer some real “free” alternative for Splunk, but it seems quite powerful, and people already use it in our company, so…

I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but it’s hot and I’m tired. Other projects I still have in my TODO list are configuring and maintaining a BIND9 nameserver, DKIM+SPF to kill spam and … conquer the world!!! 😛

Ok, let’s go to bed before I start writing more “beneitures”… At least I’m happy I updated my lovely blog, at least once per month!

Enjoy the summer!


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