No one knows about Persian cats

This morning I went to the MoviesThatMatter festival, in Den Haag. Despite the clock change to summer time, I managed to arrive just in time. 🙂

I’ve watched No One Knows About Persian Cats, a film about underground music in Iran, from director Bahman Ghobadi. I will not explain the plot of the film, but my impressions. The self-made studios reminded me of some groups like “Mundo Inferno”, where some of my friends used to play. I liked to go there and listen to their music. It is really sad that people are put in jail just to express their feelings and opinion. If you don’t hurt anybody, why be treated like a criminal? I didn’t know about this until I saw the film. 😦

After the film, the director and one of the performers, who were present in the theater, have answered some questions from the public. It has been very enlightening. Everybody was listening to him, speaking in Farsi. I wish my friend Antieh had come with me. I’m sure she would have enjoyed! Outside, in the bar, some Iranian people where playing with a guitar, accordion and drums. It was nice to sit down and listen to the melodic sounds.

Apart from this film, the comic from Marjane Satrapi is also very interesting: Persepolis. The book tells more about the history of Persia and Iran, in a kind of funny way.

If you have the opportunity, take a look at this film. 😉


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