Scripts under version control

Yuhu! I created my first personal Mercurial repository, so now I can keep track of my daily scripts. 😉

I’m so happy! Even after updating my Twitter status, I feel I need to write more about it. It was so easy that I wonder why I didn’t make it earlier:

cd /home/xesc/scripts
hg init
hg add
hg commit -m "Init: created repository for my daily scripts, after doing some cleanup. :)"
(edit backup)
hg commit -m "Update: made several changes to backup script."

That’s all. Well, before doing the hg init I removed some useless scripts, but the whole operation didn’t take more than 5 minutes. Now I can modify things and go back to previous versions without looking at my backup drive. Beautiful! 🙂

In addition, I could remove one of my post-it from my endless ToDo list. Of course, this quick action has been possible because at work I’ve been busy with Mercurial, Python, Subversion, and this kind of stuff. The last 2 or 3 years I don’t pay too much attention to my personal computer. I’m working as sysadmin the whole day, so when I arrive home I prefer to watch a movie, read a book or study Japanese than struggle with my Debian. However, there is always something to “fix” at home, so now I try to spend at least one day per week improving my desktop PC.

I’m currently working on an encrypted USB stick where to carry all my GnuPG and SSH keys, passwords, etc. Last week I already updated my public key and today I found some info at:

Now I would like to keep the keys on my portable system (Geb) in sync with my new USB stick (Amon). I guess the easiest solution would be to always use Amon, but I don’t to have an USB key plugged on my system for my daily work, only when I connect to other computers. I would think about it…

Wow… It’s already midnight!

Time to go to bed. Enjoy the rest of the week and be nice with your colleagues. Spring is coming! 😉

Update (for the record): I also (finally!) started to document the changes I make on my machines on my own personal wiki (using dokuwiki). 🙂


One Response to Scripts under version control

  1. guillem says:

    Jo tenc el mateix però amb backup incorporat: el repositori pare és a una altre màquina accessible per SSH. Quan ho vull salvar tot, només he de fer un “hg push”. I en canviar de màquina, basta un “hg clone” a la màquina nova. I entre un parell de màquines tambe puc passar coses fent push/pull. Molt pràctic tot plegat 🙂

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