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Today, 3 March 2010, was election day in the Netherlands. Every city was choosing its new representatives for the gemeenteraad. To tell you the truth, I’ve not been following any discussion about it, nor looked at any information pamphlet. Several weeks ago I received my stemkaart (a document necessary to vote), and that’s it.

DOK, stemlokaal 4

Today, as usual, I went to the DOK library to return some books (I couldn’t finish Jacob’s room, sorry). There I found stemlokaal number 4, so I took the opportunity to vote. It was my first time, so I asked how I had to proceed:

  • First you have to give them your stemkaart, so they can check if you’re allowed to vote.
  • Then you have to handle your ID. There was some confusion with my Spanish ID. They even said it was not valid!

    – Deze identiteitbewijs is niet geldig.
    – Nou! Ja wel! Alleen we hebben verschillende versies.

  • Then they give you a sheet of paper where you have to mark one candidate with a red dot.
  • Once marked (in private), you can throw your vote in a ballot box, and then they write a check mark in another list.

Easy, isn’t it? Now, I would like to share some thoughts and compare it to the Spanish system. After borrowing another book, in my way to the TU library, I’ve seen a woman giving roses and asking for votes, the same day of the elections! In Spain the day before is meant for reflection, and the election day is usually a Sunday, so people can vote with serenity. Here, in the Netherlands, they vote on a workday, and since this year you can vote practically everywhere. In the library, at the station, at your work place… I haven’t entered any bars, so I don’t know for sure, but I will not be surprised that you can vote even there! That’s nice. No that you can vote in a bar, but that you don’t need to go to a specific place. I think that this way more people will vote. 😉

Stem informatie

There were also some big screens in the first floor. I guess that to follow the electoral process. Apart voting, I’ve been studying Japanese. I’m currently at lesson 9 (from 15), and I’m already supposed to know 100 kanji! Of course I still have to practise more. I wonder if I will ever master the 1945 basic kanji every Japanese kid has to learn… :O

Then, back in the centre, I’ve bought a new tire for my front wheel. It starts to break up, and before the inner tube explodes, I prefer to replace it. Well, I bought the tire, but I still have to replace it. One thing at a time. I hope to find a moment during the weekend and finish this little “project”. 🙂

Johnny Cash & Thin Lizzy

I’ve also purchased two records for my vintage collection at Plexus. I like Jazz music, but I start to be fed up of listening to the same LPs over and over again, so I’ve chosen some Irish Rock and Country instead. When I’ve arrived home I’ve also looked at Marktplaats. There you can find some good deals. Only problem is that sometimes the records don’t arrive in perfect condition. We’ll see… 🙂

Well, again, is time to go to bed. Today’s Karate training has been quite tough. I’ve enjoyed the whole session, kihon with special turns, and some quick movements, and then kata following the rhythm of a colleague. During the Enpi jump, I experienced that feeling of completeness and self-confidence I have just in specials occasions. For just one second, while you are still in the air, you know that you have performed it well, every technique at the correct speed and at full power, and then you land, with an explosive shuto-uke: “Kiaaaai!”

Of course, it was not perfect (it can never be), but I least I had a good sensation. I like it when I finish the kata exhausted: “I may be tired, but my opponents are dead on the ground.” 😀



2 Responses to Gemeenteraadsverkiezingen

  1. Tomeu says:

    No sé si l’has vist, però de’n Johnny Cash hi ha una pel·lícula bastant bona que se diu “En la cuerda floja” (Walk the Line) amb en Joaquin Phoenix de protagonista. Recordo que va sortir poc després de la de’n Ray Charles (Ray), i totes dues me varen semblar molt encertades.

    Veure en Johnny Cash començant el concert a la presó de Folsom amb el seu “hello, I’m Johnny Cash”…. no té preu!

  2. xesc says:

    Gràcies! L’hi pegaré una ullada. M’estic tornant un fan de’n Johnny! 😉

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