Four years ago

February is a special month. First of all, it has only 28 days (sometimes 29) and this year these 28 days are perfectly distributed in 4 complete weeks. I like it. However, that is not reason why it’s so special. One of my nieces, Esperança, turned 7 years old on 6 February. That was quite special, but it’s not why I’m writing this post. Come on, you know why. I’ve been living in the Netherlands for 4 years!

February 2006 was a month full of events. Farewell from SRII. Arrival to Delft. New friends. First Erasmus parties. Everything was new and amazing. I can hardly remember those times. It feels so distant to me now. When I read all those old posts, I can’t believe I have done all that.

Then I started to go to some Jazz sessions, watch movies at the Filmhuis, visit museums, borrow books from the library. Improving my cultural life. I was also moving around, in “discover” mode. Paris, Köln, Brussels, Torino, Praha & Budapest (post is still in draft), Scandinavia

When I finished my thesis, and started looking for a job, my “Erasmus life” was about to end. I was entering the “next level”, starting my integration process in the Dutch society. I continued for a while hanging around with the same people, but spending more and more time with “natives”.

Today, after several years working and living with Dutch people, I feel like one of them. I guess I’m in the third level. My life is now “stable”. I have a full-time job, a home, friends, regular activities. If I do “nothing”, I could really stay “forever” in Delft. There is no more “uncertainty”. But I miss the excitement of discovering new things everyday. That is why I started with my Japanese lessons. I need something “new” every once in a while, and to return to my bohemian life.

I’ve recently found a “privacy” (*) breach (my CV was too accessible), so this weekend I’ve been updating my websites. Only today I’ve spent more than 4 hours looking at previous posts. It seems that every year I feel the same, and I write an “anniversary post”. Things haven’t changed much since last year or even the end of 2008!

Like I said, I feel too attached to my routines, and I’m hardly going out to visit new cities, or going to museums. or traveling. I don’t remember when was the last time I attended a “wild” party. I guess our life priorities change… Now I prefer to have a quiet and simple life, but, at the same time, I feel I need a change soon.

That is why this lent period I wanna write a “plan of evasion”. When will be my “liberation” day? We’ll see what I decide at the end, on Easter (4 April 2010).

Enjoy the last week of the month! 😉

(*) Does someone know how I can make sure some search sites will remove my personal details from their cache?


One Response to Four years ago

  1. korrey says:

    Ho entenc perfectament, jo ara faig tres a Madrid i m’ha passat una cosa semblant… en l’afegit de que nosaltres pensem tornar a València algun dia, de manera que tenim una certa sensació de “temporalitat”.

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