Every year, each employee gets 600 euro to spend on training. You can buy software, or books, or subscribe to magazines, or follow some courses. It doesn’t matter. Only rules are:

  • It has to be related to your work.
  • Budget expires at the end of the year.

Last rule means that now everybody is looking how to “finish” their allowed training budget. I also had some money left, so I ordered some books from Computer Collectief:

In addition, I also want to take the LPI Certification exams. I’m not a “fan” of certifications. I believe that what really matters is your “way of thinking”, a solid education background, and experience. But, as I am not the one paying for it, let’s give it a try. In addition, it may be a good idea to teach other colleagues about GNU/Linux. At least, with the fourth book I’ll know what people expect from a Linux certified guy. And for sure there are a lot of things I still don’t know. 🙂

The Practice of System and Network Administration

However, I started this post (for the second time now) to talk about the third book. I like it because it explains how to do “system and network administration” in general terms. It is not tied to a particular platform or product, so I thought it may be worth reading. After a quick skim, I found some funny sentences, that reflect more or less our job (italics and bold are mine):

– What is an SA? (…) sometimes needs to be a corporate visionary, janitor, software engineer, electrical engineer, economist, psychiatrist, mindreader, and, occasionally, bartender.
– Accept that tools (read AC adapters, USB sticks, screwdrivers) won’t be returned. Why stress out about things you can’t control?
– Don’t let a software person have a screwdriver. Politely find out what the person is trying to do, and do it. This is faster than fixing the person’s mistakes.
– Take those vacations! (Three-day weekends are not a vacation.)
– Don’t eat lunch at your desk. (True, I should go out. Otherwise you always have people asking for things while you’re eating your sandwich. However, now it is raining almost every day.)

Well, time to go to bed. Tomorrow I’ll publish the last post about our trip to Scandinavia. 😉


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