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After a looooong time (1 year and 3 months), I’ve decided to continue writing about our adventures in Scandinavia. I’ve been procrastinating this until now, but I feel I cannot start a new trip without finishing this. My faithful fans deserve it. From now on, a post will be published every week. No matter what happens. Promised. 😉

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Ready to continue? Then, let’s go! 😉

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Avui ens hem aixecat amb energia renovada.

There are not many more notes on my diary, but I still remember some incidents (and hopefully we made some pictures). One of them was the end of our coffee machine. I don’t remember exactly what happened. I was taking a shower in a separate building. Well, now that I remember, that is also worth telling. It was an old building, with plenty of pictures on the entrance wall. Fishers proud of their captures. Then a big kitchen, a small toilet, and at the end the showers. Nothing wrong with it, but the water had a strange texture. It was kind of “viscous”, to describe it somehow, and it felt very strange, like the soap was never getting off. Anyway, I was about telling you about our coffee machine. When I came out, I found Toni with a bucket full of dark water, and Marga holding the handle. It seems that an obstruction made the thing explode. Hopefully, nobody got hurt, and it was our last day of drinking coffee.

Tovalloles esteses

Once recovered, time to have breakfast! I don’t remember that part, but for sure it was delicious. I ate our last “pomelo” and the last pieces of Swedish bread with cheese. Then, of course, our traditional photo group. It was so funny. We were so tired that everybody was looking away. Tux and Marga were in another planet, and I was taking my classical “counter” of Toni and his tripod (very useful to synchronize pictures of different cameras).


After that we departed in direction to Göteborg, our last destination, and end (*) of our trip. Those last miles were very difficult to cover. We have been driving for 10 days, and covered almost 5000km. We were all tired. Tired to sit on the car, tired to see lakes and green pastures, tired to take pictures, tired to listen to the same music again and again. We wanted to arrive home! As soon as possible!

El convoi interminable

Soon? Juas! What was that in front of us? Oh, no! A special convoy. A truck was being transported, and they were going veeeeery sloooow. The problem was that we couldn’t advance them, so we had to wait in a long queue until they go away. Fortunately, after several kms, they decided to stop on a fuel station and we could continue our route. Not too fast, because the road was plenty of traffic cameras. Actually, I think we have a photo of every camera from Sweden, Finland and Norway. We always (**) followed the rules, so we weren’t fined. What a relief. 🙂

Xesc feliç després de netejar els vidres del cotxe

When we stopped to fill up our diesel car, I took the opportunity to clean the windows. They were asking for it a long time ago. I felt so good afterward. On one hand, I did some exercise, and on the other, we were finally able to see outside! 🙂


Later we stopped near a forest, to walk a little bit and breathe some fresh air. It was nice to look at the plants and trees. The day was coming to and end, but we still had some miles to cover. After a while, we saw a sign indicating we were in the good direction to Göteborg.

Comença a fer fosca

We also found works on the road, a truck full of tree trunks, and a crazy guy on a self-modified motorbike, before watching our last midnight sunset. This time it was not a real “midnight” sunset. It was “only” 22h30 when the sun came down. Funny, when I think that now, in November, the sun disappears as soon as 17 o’clock here in the Netherlands. Imagine in Sweden!

Els darrers quilòmetres

After the sunset, I kept looking at the moon, in front of us…

– Falta molt?
– Tenc son…
– Vull arribar a casa…

I don’t remember arriving to Göteborg. Toni was driving, and I probably fell asleep. I woke up on a street. A colleague of Marga was traveling abroad, and she kindly let us stay in her apartment in the meantime. Thanks Elisabeth! 😉

We unloaded all our bags from the car. While Toni and Marga were trying to find a parking, I started moving them to the apartment. Of course, to make things more challenging, it was on a 3rd floor, and after a long corridor, so it took me a while to climb those stairs over and over again. But it was worth it. That night, we slept like angels. Next morning, my diary starts with:

Després de 800km, ahir arribàrem a Göteborg.
Un iogurt i a jeure.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this. Next week I’ll write about our adventures in Göteborg. In the meantime, you can take a look at the rest of pictures.


I think we stayed at Backe camping, and from there we drove to Krokom, Mora… until Göteborg.

(*) Well, I still had to go to Stockholm, and back to Delft.
(**) Well, “almost” always. We cheated sometimes, but don’t tell anybody!


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