Caught in a spider web

Update: during the week I found the spider making its web again. It was very interesting, and I watched it for a couple of minutes. Unfortunately, I had to leave to work. Today I found some information on how they build a web. 😉

Last Sunday morning, when I was leaving home to go to the Karate Dan exam, I got trapped on a spider web. Yes, literally. It got me by surprise, and it took me a while to take off the pieces of web from my face. I had even some on my glasses!

Caught in a spider web: the trap

I was lucky, and could escape, but when I came back, I found a fly that wasn’t so happy. A spider was having a nice meal! 😀

PS: the Karate training of last week with Sensei David (7th Dan) was very instructive. I learnt a lot of things I will practice the following months. It will take me some time to master them. 😉


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