World Food Day

Last Friday was the World Food Day. Today, together with some friends, we have discussed about this issue. Millions of people die every year of starvation, even though there is enough food on the planet. I guess this is one of the eternal problems without a clear solution.

All my friends know that I can’t stand throwing food away. Even if we cannot “send” them the leftovers, I think it is a matter of respect towards those who have nothing. Giving money for charity, and contributing to food banks is a good way of helping, but I always feel that we can do more.

Sometimes I feel frustrated. When I am in a supermarket, I always wonder what happens with all the food that people don’t buy. The truth is that I don’t really wanna know, because I guess that they throw it away. Same happens with bread that is not consumed. 😦

“Quina gran pèrdua!”

Maybe we can do something to help, other than giving money. I think the best solution is to change the ways things work, even though I realize that is a bit “utopia”. For example:

  • Buying fairtrade products. Actually, I’m already doing this, and I’m proud of it. I always choose coffee with the FairTrade seal, and maybe I could start with chocolate. It costs perhaps a little bit more, but it is worth.
  • Eating less meat. I’m not gonna turn vegetarian, but we don’t need to eat meat at every meal! Twice or three times a week is enough. I only eat an “entrecôte” occasionally, and then I really appreciate it! Rest of days, fish, and small portions of chicken and pork (like ribkarbonade). Maybe I should eat more beans. 😉
  • Buying clothes and other things where you know money is going to help. I think that is more difficult to accomplish. I must confess that I usually go for the lowest price, unless I want my purchase to last for long. Then, I go for quality.

Well, I know, we cannot change the world in one day (not even in years), but slowly we can make changes ourselves. We are the consumers, aren’t we? Just to be aware of the problem is already a great step, and to make a continuous contribution is the second big step. One punctual action doesn’t help much. Make it part of our everyday life. 😉

Ai… I’m too idealistic…

PS: BTW, yesterday I finally repaired my bike, and I also improved my backup system! Hurray! 😀


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