Vuurwerk op Scheveningen

Saturday morning, while recovering from a hard “cocktail” borrel, I had the idea to spent my last summer day before going on vacation on the beach. At night there was a fireworks festival, so I invited some friends to come along. Unfortunately, everybody had something else to do, but I decided to go anyway. As usual, it took me a while to recover and be ready for the trip. I wanted to be a the beach around 17h, swim, read a book, lay on the sand, have dinner and watch the fireworks. However, I left home at 19h30, so I’d have to skip the first 3 activities.

Sunset Scheveningen: beach

On my way there, I found a long line of cars that were also going to the festival. I was very happy to be on my bike. In addition, all parkings were full, so going by car was not the best option. To avoid the crowd, I went to the dunes instead of the pier. There, the view was terrific. A beautiful sunset was there waiting for my camera. Since I was alone, I took all my time to take pictures and walk to the pier. The combination of the sun, birds along the coast, cargo ships far way in the sea, the sound of the waves, policemen riding horses, fresh air hitting my face and the feeling of the sand on my feet make it the best moment of the evening.

Sunset Scheveningen: ship & bird

Then, the night started degenerating. To be sincere, I didn’t enjoy the fireworks as I had expected. IMHO, they were quite “normal” fireworks, like the ones I’ve seen on my village. To solve my boredom, I observed the people around me. During the first fireworks, I was seated in a non-populated area, eating my cheese with bread and taboulet. I felt in peace. Then, I moved further, and entered the crowd. Bufff… I hate crowds. I guess all the people that came by car was there. The view was perhaps better, but I preferred my first spot. After this second fireworks, I decided to go back and fetch my bike to go home.

Fireworks Scheveningen

That was easy said, but it was a long way back. I stopped several times to watch the third fireworks session. This time I was on the beach clubs side. There were plenty of young people drinking and dancing. I liked one of them, and stood in front of it, with my feet in the sand, listening to the music for a while. Then I continued my way, letting behind the clubs and noise. I entered the dark zone. As I was approaching the bunkers, less and less people was on the way. I only found a couple when I was unlocking my bike. Hopefully I had my lights, because it was really dark on the dunes. It amazed me to see so many bikes on the road. I didn’t expect that. I thought I was alone. I guess they were also going home after the fireworks.

Scheveningen by night

When I reached the streets, more traffic jams. Once again, I was happy to be on my bike. Even though it took me almost an hour to come back to Delft. That was certainly the most painful part of the trip (when you want to reach your bed but you’re still far away of it). However, watching the sunset on the beach was worth all the trouble. 😀


One Response to Vuurwerk op Scheveningen

  1. Tomeu says:

    Molt bona sa foto dels focs!

    Noltros ahir vàrem estar per Montuïri seguint als cossiers (es “chamans” mallorquins jajajajaja)i la cosa també va acabar amb focs d’artifici 😉

    Ens veim…. aviat!!!!!!!!!!!!

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