I’ve bought a map of Japan


This morning (*) I went shopping, and among other things I wanted to buy a Japanese dictionary. I visited several bookshops in Delft, but I couldn’t find it. I guess I’ll have to order it, or buy it through Internet (**). However, on the second bookstore, just entering, I’ve seen a roadmap of Japan. It was the only exemplar, and I thought: “Should I buy it? It can be fun!” Now it lies on my sofa. I’ve been looking at it for an hour. It’s amazing to look all the cities, roads, villages, ports… I’m very happy with it. 🙂

When I was in that bookstore, I felt something special, I started looking through all the travel guides, as if I was going on holiday soon. The one I liked most is the Rough Guide. I’m not very attached to use guides when I’m traveling (I just like to walk around the cities), but when I went to Scandinavia last summer I had a Rough Guide of Norway, and it was very helpful. There are also guides of Tokio, and phrasebooks. I’ve also bought one, but in another shop. It’s small and with a lot of useful sentences I can use during my course.

Japanese phrasebook on map II

Today I also went to the library, and got a new book, called “Les hirondelles de Kaboul”. Since I read “A Thousand Splendid Suns”, I’m quite interested in what happened in Afghanistan.

It was a sunny day, and I walked through the streets, excited with my map and my phrasebook. In front of the New Church there were a lot of red balloons. Each balloon had a card attached to it, where you could write a message, and then send it to someone. Afterwards, this person can reply to a website. It seems an interesting experiment, but at that moment I had no inspiration to write a message. I was also tempted to go up the tower and make some pictures, but decided to wait a little bit. I think that with sunset light, pictures will be better.

However, it is cloudy. It always happens. After lunch, the sky goes grey. Anyway, I still can update my blog. If my netbook doesn’t crash again…


(*) This post actually happened on May 23, 2009, but somehow it remained on my drafts list. I think it is time to publish it. 😉

(**) I’ve finally bought it from amazon.de. If your purchase items for more than 20 euro, they will send it for free, even to the Netherlands!

Now, let’s go listen to some “live” Jazz downstairs! 🙂


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