My new housemate

Updated! (see below)


I know that some of you are already laughing at me after my last twitter updates. When my Belgian housemate told me that he was chasing a mouse, some months ago, I also found it very funny:

– “A mouse in the house? Juas!” 😀

I could not believe him, but he took it very seriously, putting a trap everyday with a bit of cheese. However, our “little” friend seems to be quite clever, and was always taking the cheese without getting caught. After 2 or 3 weeks he desisted. Another housemate, next to my door, told me that he chased 2 of them. Wow! The story was quite interesting, but I didn’t pay too much attention. Now it’s my turn. On Sunday, while cleaning my room, I found this:

Un ratolí s'ha menjat les Quelitas!

My first reaction was:

– WTF!!?

I could not believe my eyes, but there was no doubt that some little rodent was attacking my “precious” cookies. He didn’t eat much, but the bag was destroyed, so I moved my Quelitas to a safer place (still plastic, but harder to bit).

Helaas, this morning I found another bag (this time with big Quelys inside) also bitten. There were some “presents” as well. He (or it) left two little “poo” nearby. I think he got quite satisfied. Complete digestion cycle. 😛

After this incident I’ve become quite paranoid. I’ve put the rest of cookies in a Tupperware, but I’m worried about my cornflakes and muesli. I guess mouses also like this kind of food. Anyway, I left the two cookies he has bitten yesterday in the bag, just in case he’s hungry. I don’t want him to touch the rest of food.

I never thought of having a pet, and now it seems, for my big surprise, that I’m living with one in my room since who knows when. Tonight I’ve seen it and, before escaping, he even dared to look at me. If you had seen me chasing it, you would have burst in laugh. I’ve put all the furniture in the centre of the room, looking desperately for some hole in the walls. I couldn’t find any, but I found some more “poo” under my bed. I had an extra mattress there, and I think my visitor finds it very comfortable. 🙂

I don’t know how this story will end, but I’ll keep you informed. One last thing, as you may know, I like to find always a positive side of all what happens to me. In this case, I think I’ll develop a good sense of listening skills. I’m hearing all kind of small noises now (people walking on the street, rain, a motorbike…). I must be always alert.

Be careful, my friend! There will be no third time without punishment… 😛

Update 22/07/2009

Yesterday I couldn’t sleep much, trying to catch the invader(s), so today I decided to counter attack. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the fabulous Ratstop (recommended by Tomeu), and have bought Ratak instead. Tomorrow I will ask in other shops for “lijm”, the word in Dutch for “visc” (Catalan). I want to put it on the Quely’s bag, and see them trapped inside. Look at their face… and commit murder! >:-)

Tonight, counter attack!

Anyway, I’ll try the poison tonight. I’ve put all the food in my closet, hoping they won’t be able to find it, and the “raticide” is in place. We’ll see if it works.

(to be continued)


5 Responses to My new housemate

  1. Tomeu says:

    I ja has pensat amb el Rat Stop?

    Te sona de res? jajajajajajaja

  2. xesc says:

    Calla, calla, que avui vespre quasi no he dormit. Tot el temps sentia renous. El sentia gratar darrera el llit, i llavors ficant-se dins la bossa, i corrent per l’habitació… Això a les 3 o les 4 del matí. Però crec que he trobat on s’amaga, darrera la meva estanteria de queviures. En haver berenat llevaré totes les coses i “inspeccionaré”. Pobre d’ell si me’l trob…

  3. Tomeu says:

    En haver-lo agafat ja saps: petardasso jajajajajaja

  4. korrey says:

    Com va això, Xesc? Ja tornes a tindre l’habitació per a tu sol?

  5. Xesc says:

    Pareix que sí.

    Després de deixar el menjar “especial” per a ratolins allà on tenia les galletes, he trobat una “bolleta” cada matí, signe de que alguna cosa han menjat. Ahir ja no vaig sentir fressa, ni he trobat cap excrement. Potser han partit o són morts, però encara no he trobat cap cadaver, o sigui que no me vull precipitar amb conclusions.

    Per si de cas, posaré el que me queda de verí a la cuina. No se sap mai… 🙂

    PS: ara mateix me sap greu matar-los, me sent una mica assassí, però tampoc vull deixar que se converteixin en una plaga…

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