My favorite handkerchief

When my friends need a handkerchief, they know where to ask. I always have one packet (at least) with me. Several months ago I found the best handkerchief ever, Paloma.

They are one-layer only tissues, so don’t expect something very resistant. However, most of the time I only use them to clean my nose, so it’s more than enough. In fact, I like them because they are one use only. Sometimes I had the bad habit of reusing tissues, but with these you really have to throw them away when you’re finished. Otherwise your pockets will end up full of… Well, you get it, don’t you? Another small benefit is that you can learn how to say handkerchief in more than 20 languages: taschentücher, zakdoekjes, mouchoirs, pañuelos, mocadors, batiste… However, the main reason I buy them is the price. They are really cheap. Only 37 cents per 10 packets! Why would you like to pay more for a piece of paper tissue? 😀

In November, I went to the supermarket and I bought enough supplies to pass the whole winter. However, last week I started to panic, because I was running out of handkerchiefs and I couldn’t find them anywhere. Hopefully, last weekend I found an improved version. Now they have three layers, and they are “soft and tender”. They really look “professional”, trust me. The price, of course, has also increased from 0.37€ to 0.59€, but you get 2 packets “gratis” (108 zakdoekjes in total). I think that is fair enough, and I bought 3 packages. I was so happy I couldn’t resist taking a picture…

Paloma, my favorite handkerchief

… and write this post!

Have a nice sleep!


One Response to My favorite handkerchief

  1. Tomeu says:

    Si hi ha algú que consideri un professional dels kleenex, aquest ets tu (tot i que en Toneti s’hi fa a prop). No fa falta demanar “Xesc, que tens un kleenex?” sino que basta dir “Xesc, necessito un kleenex”. Que en portes a sobre ja se dóna per suposat jajajajajaja

    M’ha fet gràcia aquesta entrada. No m’hi havia aturat a pensar, però és veritat que això de sempre dur kleenex a sobre és un fet característic teu 😉

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