Paella a la xesco

Due to the acclamation of my fans, I’ve decided to finally publish the recipe of my paella. Today I found the good proportions of water and rice, and the ingredients necessary to feed 6 people. The paella pan I’ve used has a nominal capacity for 8 people, but trust me, it’s only enough for 5-6 persons.


Rice 900g (round rice, not long!)
Water 2l
Green beans 250g (sperziebonen)
“Peulen” 150g (peulen)
Mushrooms 250g (wild mix)
1 carrot
4-5 tomatoes
4-5 onions
Halal chicken 10-12 wings and 10-12 thighs (aprox. 1kg)
Seafood mix 250g
Prawns 150g (garnalen)
Salt and black pepper

For decoration you can use

2 green peppers
2 red peppers
4 lemons
Radish (optional)
Parsley (peterselie)

All these ingredients should be suitable for Muslims. In addition, you could add rabbit and pork meat. Or remove all meat to make it vegetarian. 😉
In Spain I normally use “real” prawns and mussels, but it is difficult to find them here. You can find most of these ingredients at C1000 and in the Turkish shops.

Base mix preparation

– Take a medium size pot, where all the ingredients can fit.
– Chop the onions and the carrot in small pieces, and cook them at low fire.
Add enough salt and black pepper.
– Chop the tomatoes, and when the onions have a golden color, add them to the mix.

+ Put the two red peppers in the oven, at 180C. We will use them as decoration when the paella is ready.

– When the tomatoes and onions are well done, add 2l water and increase fire.
– Prepare the green beans, cutting them in half. Peulen can go as is.
– Add the green stuff.
– Wait 15 minutes for the mushrooms.

Taste and add salt if necessary.

+ Cut the green peppers and lemons in long pieces. Put them in a nice dish. Add salt and olive oil in the center of the dish. We will use it when eating the paella.
+ If done, remove the red peppers from the oven (and switch if off!). Peel them and cut them in long pieces. Reserve them in a dish.
+ Chop the garlic and parsley in small pieces. Reserve.

– While the mix is boiling, take a flat pan, preferably a “paella” pan, and fry the meat until it is done on the outside.
– Add the meat to the pot.
– Seafood should not cook too much time, so we will add it at the last moment, and stop the fire.
– Put the rice on the paella pan and mix it with olive oil for a while, taking care that it doesn’t burn.
– Immediately after, pour the contents of the pot to the paella pan.

For a good cooking, the paella should receive the same amount of energy in all parts. I recommend using two gas cookers at medium heat, and rotate the paella pan. Take care that the rice doesn’t burn nor gets sticky. Add a little bit of water if necessary. When the rice is “almost” done, stop the fire and cover it with a clean dishcloth for 3-5 minutes.

– Add the peeled red peppers on top, and spread and the parsley with garlic.

Bon profit!

PS: please feel free to any comment or remark. I hope all the steps are clear. 😉


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