Terug naar de universiteit

Vandaag, na de EHBO cursus, ik ben met de fiets naar de TU Delft gegaan. Ik wilde kijken hoe gaat het met de verbouwing van de nieuwe park. Alles was rustig, alleen sommige mensen bij de Sportcentrum. Toen ik was terug, ik ben bij de bibliotheek gestopt. Ik vinde het leuk om naar binnen te gaan. Ik voelde een beetje nostalgisch. Ik daar gebljiven tot 8 uur, en een boke over wireless security gelezen. Het was leuk!

Oh, perhaps I should switch to English. I pass so much time with Dutch people, that afterwards I continue thinking In Dutch. Time to switch. Today, I had a First Aid course together with some TIS colleagues. It was fun. I’ve always wanted to learn how to help in case of an accident, and now I had the opportunity. The course is taught in that “strange” language, so I’ve also learned new words. We still have a other 8 hours session in two weeks, mostly to practice, and then an exam. In addition to my Japanese course, I’ve have some material to study, during the week. However, the books are clearly written, with many pictures, so it should not be too difficult to understand. But I’m going away from my subject…

I want to talk about what happened afterwards. It was quite early, 16:30, and I didn’t want to go home yet. I said to myself: “Why not to take a look at the TU?” They are still busy with the park in middle of the campus, but it’s advancing. I went around with the bike, until I reached the Sport centrum. Then I came back, and turned right when I arrived at Aula. I saw the library, and some people outside. I’ve had a sudden desire to go inside and read a book.

I’ve taken 2 books from the shelves. One English grammar book, where I’ve read about phrasal verbs, and then “Security and Cooperation in Wireless Networks”, by Buttyán and Hubaux. While I was reading, I had some projects in mind, and I’ve taken some notes, like a student. The chapter about RFID and the problems with privacy was very interesting. It was nice to be like a student again. Everybody around was busy studying, or chatting outside. Perhaps I should go more often, and pick up a random technical book. When I was a student, I enjoyed doing that. Instead of studying, I’d take a book, and skim on it until I find some interesting subject. Reading for pleasure, without pressure.
I’ve been there until 20:00. It has been a relaxing Saturday afternoon.

Now, is time to go to bed. I hope I’ll remember to update my clock tomorrow. 😉


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