Throwing food away

How can people so easily throw food away?

I’ve just witnessed how a job colleague has put all the left overs of Chinese food on the garbage. That makes me feel very sad. I know that it happens all the time, but I prefer not to see it. I always wonder what happens with all the food that supermarkets cannot sell, and I imagine (unfortunately) that everything goes to the garbage. However, I don’t dare to ask what really happens. I’m afraid to know the truth.

I’ve been educated to not waste food. My parents have experienced the war when they were children, and being hungry is one of the worst things you can suffer from. For respect to other people, I strongly believe you should never throw away food. Why not save it on the fridge? Or take it home? I guess that because you haven’t paid for it, you just don’t care. But we are not talking about money.

What makes me feel even worse is that I could not stop it. I’ve just got paralyzed, unable to say anything.


One Response to Throwing food away

  1. Tomeu says:

    Enlloc de pensar en els negrets d’Africa……..

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