My first tea ceremony

Hey my friends!

I have something new to tell you! Yesterday, during our biweekly Bible Study session (including meal!), we had the visit of a real Japanese master of tea ceremony. It was a bit improvised, and we were not sitting on the floor, or dressed appropriately, but it was very fascinating for me.

I had Japanese people in front of me! A very good opportunity to prove my language skills. The master of the ceremony was only speaking Japanese, and another one was translating. I could get some words, but I was still “lost in translation”. First we ate a sweet, and then, by turns, we got a bowl with green tea. Bowls were previously cleaned by our host. We took a lot of pictures. I shall upload some of them soon.

They we were part of a Global Peace Foundation (UPF), visiting several countries, and after the ceremony they show us a video. Sharing tea with your friends and enemies is a way to bring peace to the world. Before leaving, they gave us a small present, an origami bird. It was very kind. If I hadn’t that little piece of paper in front of me, I’d think that it was a dream…


One Response to My first tea ceremony

  1. Tomeu says:

    Interessant per un amant del te com noltros!

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