Weekend report

For those interested in what I am actually doing, and not only on my reflexions about war and life, I’ll write something about this weekend. It has been quite interesting. 😉

On Friday, I had a busy agenda. First of all, “borrel” at the office. I have to confess that the main reason to be there is to eat something. My friends are worried about my health, and they are right. Two sandwiches are not enough. I mean, I try to have a decent breakfast every morning. I ate yogurt with muesli, bread with cheese and ham, paté La Luna, milk, jam. However, lunch is just not enough. At 11h I usually eat an apple, and at 13h I eat 2 sandwiches and my daily kiwi. At 17h, my belly is groaning. That’s why I look so sad, and I want to go home, even though I’d rather stay and do my own things at the office. So, on Fridays, before going to train, I have to eat. I also drink some beer, and, lately, I try to socialize with my colleagues. Sometimes you end up having really interesting conversations. Sometimes not.

At 18h30, I leave to go to our dojo. We are currently preparing for an Open Dag, on which we will present our Karate association. There will be a free lesson, hapjes, some kata demonstration and a kickathon to get money for a charitable organisation. We’ll intend to do a synchronous kata, and perhaps I’ll perform Enpi alone. Everybody is excited about. I hope enough people will come. It’ll be in Tanthof (Delft), next Saturday 7 March. Those in Delft are all invited. Event will be in Dutch, but probably someone can translate for you, so don’t be shy!

Continuing with my agenda, at 20h30 I had an “afgestudeerd borrel”. My housemate was finally graduating in Telecommunications, and I wanted to congratulate him. However, at 20h30 I was still practicing kata, and I arrived home at 21h30. Time to get a quick shower, eat something, and go to the first party. There, I found another housemate and his sister, and we had a nice conversation. I also met an old housemate, now married and father of a lovely girl, and kept talking until 1h. We had all kind of “borrel hapjes”, all delicious.

Then, we left for an Erasmus party on a boat (!?). I was invited to a Carnival party, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to go on the boat. In addition, the Carnival party was going to last until 5h, so we had time. The boat was nearby the TU Delft, and there I met again the Erasmus atmosphere. Everybody drunk, talking to each other, dancing wildly. Like the old times. However, I couldn’t find anybody familiar. Only new faces. It was nice to be on this kind of party, but I had nothing to share with the people there. We stayed a while, until 3h, and then left to go to the other party. The problem is that I didn’t remember “exactly” where the party was. I got the correct street, but not the number, and there were no signs of party around. No people smoking outside, no noise, nobody lying on the street… So after looking around desperately, we finally decided to give up and go home for a sleep. When we arrived home, my housemate said:

– “Ik denk dat is de eerste keer we komen thuis samen.”

Indeed, it was the first we went out together. Amazing, after almost a year living together. It was time. I’m already thinking of preparing a paella for my housemates. Ummm…

The rest of the weekend has been more quiet. On Saturday, I stayed home the whole day, doing the laundry, cooking, watching a movie… Today, I went to mass, and afterwards we had a spontaneous activity with two friends. We plan to attend the Midvsastenloop on 21st March (like last year), but we need first to train a little bit. 40km are a bit tough to walk without preparation. Thus, while we’re having coffee, we’ve decided to go for a little walk, and (why not?) first have lunch together in my home. We’ve eaten some pasta salad and my classical “tortilla” with mushrooms, a simple meal I usually have every Sunday, but eating it together makes a big difference. I enjoy chatting while eating! Then we’ve made a small tour at the Delftse Hout, until it has started to rain. Good for a start. Next weekend, more walking. 😉

What I really liked about this weekend was the improvisation. First going out with my Belgian housemate, and then having lunch together and the little walk of today. Unexpected activities are the most enjoyable. You just do want you feel like doing at that moment, without worrying about the future, or incompatibilities in your agenda:

You feel free!

Then I read a book, studied for my Japanese course, and then wrote this. Now is time to have dinner… I’m hungry! 😀

Enjoy your week!


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