Discovering other cultures through books

I’m really happy with my last book. I learning some new things about Afghanistan. Quite recent. I mean, is not like other books I’ve read, talking about the Pharaohs in Egypt, or about the French Revolution. What they are telling on the book happened only 10 years ago. Soviets invading the country, muhajideens, talibans. All I knew about came from the American film Rambo 3, which I don’t think is a reliable source of information.

War is so cruel, that I feel powerless. I try to understand it, but I can’t. Anyway, I don’t want to talk about war. I haven’t experienced any war myself, so I feel I cannot talk about it. What I wanted to share is my eagerness to discover other cultures while reading a book. I like to lay down on my couch, and read while the sun (when it’s sunny, of course) is hitting my back. You just have to let you transported to that time and location. After a while, you get absorbed. It is so beautiful. People should read more.

I think that only knowing more about other cultures, giving up old prejudices, we will be able to understand and respect each other. Then, maybe we can live in peace. 🙂


2 Responses to Discovering other cultures through books

  1. guillem says:

    És la millor forma de conèixer altres cultures després de visitar els llocs, i després de xerrar amb les persones. Com que amb freqüència això dels llibres és molt més fàcil que les dues millors alternatives, me sembla una opció ben vàlida. A mi també m’agrada 🙂

  2. Tomeu says:

    Rambo 3 no és una font fiable d’informació? M’acabes de tirar avall un dels meus mites de joventut… I jo que creia que n’Stallone era com un déu imparcial jajajajaja

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