Verjaardag feest

Yesterday, a Dutch friend living in Rotterdam was celebrating her birthday together with another friend. I was invited, so I bought some flowers and the film “Black Cat, White Cat” (Yes, I bought a DVD! Incredible, isn’t it?). Is one of my favorites, and I was sure she’d like it.

It was a really interesting evening. To start with, I met two couples that were waiting for the same bus as I. Actually, they were going to the same party, but to visit the other friend. It was really funny, because nobody knew “exactly” where it was, but we found it. During the ride we talk about ourselves, and when we entered the room I discovered I knew nobody there. All Dutch people. However, I was not afraid. On the contrary, that was a nice opportunity to meet new people. I continued talking to the people on the reception “area”, while waiting to congratulate my friend. On the wall, a beamer was projecting “Pippi Calzalargas”. Do you remember? Too funny! 🙂

Then some common friends appeared, and we had an agreeable chat together with some drinks. They’d come early, and were leaving now. So, time to check upstairs! There, a DJ session and dancing people. Cool! In less than 5 minutes I was talking (“in het Nederlands, natuurlijk”) with other people, about Spain, politics and music. It was really “gezellig”, and I felt again integrated in Dutch society.

However, around 1 AM everybody started disappearing, and at 2 o’clock few people remained. Among them I found an old acquaintance, a friend of my Erasmus flatmate, who is also working in the Netherlands. She also speaks Dutch now. I was really happy to meet her. The world is small, isn’t it? 😉

At 3 o’clock we started to tidy up a little bit, and we discovered that 2 complete boxes of beer were left. Amazing! In all parties I’ve been with Spanish people, we only leave when is no beer (or any other sort of alcohol) available. I found it curious. Perhaps it is because we are no students anymore. I personally don’t like to drink too much. Next day you are destroyed and unable to do anything.

Talking about going home, it was time to leave! First of all, I had to find the way to the train station: “eerst links, en dan rechts tot het eind”. Fortunately, at the bus stop there was a more “detailed” map. I looked at the street names, and decided the way to go. After walking 100 meters, I stopped on a corner to put my headset. If I have to walk 30 minutes, let’s listen to some music. Then, suddenly, someone approached. He immediately showed me a “Politie” card. Wow! A police agent is gonna arrest me! He asked me from where I was coming, because he saw that I was a bit “lost”. Relieved, I told him that I came from a party, and was going to the Station. He told me that it was far away, but that I could reach it walking. He also “recommended” me to keep my Sennheiser headphones in my bag, to avoid unpleasant encounters.

After this brief chat with the Police, I put a cap and started walking fast, trying to look confident about my route. When I saw the Nationale Nederlanden skyscraper, I felt safer. I least I knew that I was going on the right direction. I arrived at the train station “sano y salvo” at 4:12, when the train to Delft just left. I had to wait until 5:02 for the next one. No problem, I can read. I entered a small waiting room, and opened my current book:

A Thousand Splendid Suns

Even though I really like this book, I felt too tired and almost fell asleep. At 4:40 someone said that we had to move to Spoor 3. Later on, at 5:26, when the night train was obviously late, we changed again to Spoor 8, to take the Stoptrein of 5:32. A lot of people were already waiting. A bit of a chaos, probably due to people celebrating carnival. However, is not the first time I’ve to wait a loooong time before I can go to sleep. Furthermore, someone was destroying the train, and we could not go on until this guy leaves. What a nightmare! 😦

When I arrived home, I ate 2 croissants with cheese that I hopefully bought the morning at the market. Delicious. That was at 6:31 AM.

Wel te rusten! 🙂


2 Responses to Verjaardag feest

  1. Tomeu says:

    Joer quines marxotes… fins a les 6:30h!!!!!!! Això a Holanda és tremendo…

    Deixant cervesses al fiestuqui i xerrant amb “la ley”…

    Xesc, ja no som el que érem…

  2. Xesc says:

    Ja te dic, encara estic fet pols, i això que diumenge no vaig sortir de casa!

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