Silence can be an enjoying experience, especially on Sunday morning. I usually put some music, like Morcheeba, to relax. Or I turn on the radio to hear some Dutch news and listen to Jazz music. However, today I decided, perhaps by laziness, to just enjoy silence. I haven’t heard any music or human sound yet. Only some cracks from the gas heating, the tram, some cars, and, right now, the slight spinning from my netbook’s fan. Well, eventually I can hear some doors opening.

I’ve waken up slowly, in several steps. Wake up, drink some water, back to bed, sleep a bit, and wake up again. At 13h I was more or less recovered. I’ve eaten some grapes and then I’ve done some exercises my physiotherapist has recommended me to do. I have some lumbago problems I want to solve.

Then, I’ve started to write on my personal diary (a real one, with paper and pencil), about yesterday, staring at the window. The sky is gray, but I don’t care. I just want to be home, enjoying silence. I like to lose track of time. One minute can be eternal, or one hour a flash. It only depends on you.

Do nothing, just relax, and listen.


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