Look left, look right

Once upon a time, I started writing a post. However, for lack of time, lack of energy, or both, I saved it as a draft. That happened almost a year ago. It has remained a draft until now. Why rescuing it now? Because it’s time to archive all 2008 pictures, and since I’m uploading pictures to Flickr, why not end the job and publish a related post? 😉

It’s time to a long entry. Today it’s election day in Spain. However, I already voted, so I’ll talk about something else. If you have been in London, you’ll understand why I’m writing “Look right, look left” on the title. Even after three days I’m still confused, and I always look at right AND at left, just in case.

My trip to London was not a very exciting one. In fact, it was my second trip there. First time was in August 2007, and the second in March 2008. Both for business, to do some maintenance at our UK branch.

Regardez à droite

I arrived on Wednesday, and the first thing I did was to update our Debian firewall. That was at night, of course, so I lost any opportunity to visit the city. Next days I was busy helping people at the office, and on Thursday I was so tired that I stayed at the hotel the whole night. I felt very depressed. Alone in the dark. I expected to go out with my UK colleagues, but everybody had already made plans. 😦

Fortunately, the English breakfast was, if not delicious, at least “complete”. First, I ate the beans, with sausages, fried eggs, tomato, bread and bacon. Then, the continental breakfast, with yoghourt, fruits, muesli, juice, jam… As you can imagine, I end up “full”, and I could work until 18h without eating anything else. 😀

London by night

On Friday, I decided to explore the city on my own. I had dinner at a modern Japanese cantine, where I ate miso soup, noodles and green tea. It was delicious. I also enjoyed my nightly walk. At night, London is very beautiful, plenty of light. I felt rather a “safe”.

British Museum

On Saturday, I moved to a youth hostel I booked for less than 30 euros. I decided to stay the weekend, and didn want to pay for an extra night at a “depressive” hotel. Well, the hostel didn’t seem very “secure”, but I trusted them and left my backpack there, in a room plenty of bags. Time to do some day-exploring. My first destination was the British Museum, that I couldn’t visit in August because I was too late. I took the bus and enjoyed the sights. Inside, I felt overwhelmed. It’s too big!!! You cannot visit the whole museum. It’s insane. I already felt tired looking at the map. So… I did some “prioritizing”, and visited only what I was really interested. Ancient Egypt, Japan, and some other rooms I don’t remember. It took me more than 2 hours, and then I had to run to the Natural History Museum.

To go there, I had the “brilliant” idea to take the subway. Never again! I spent more time underground than on surface. In addition, something happened to our train, and everybody had to go out and wait for another one. The station became really crowded, and I had to inhale and exhale several times to keep calm. As a result, I only could see the dinosaurs and part of the whales and sea animals.

Tux at Natural History Museum

Then, I went to the hostel to rest and eat something. I remember there was pure and a sausage as menu. I arouse it with a pint of beer, and enjoyed the moment. Then, before going to bed, I watched a film with other people. To be sincere, I preferred by large my stay at the hostel, with young people like me, traveling around the world, than the “luxury” hotel paid by my company.

On Sunday, my last day, I took my backpack and made my last visit to the Tower of London and surroundings.

Tower Bridge from Southern bank

Yeah, this post is not so long as expected, but as I already said, I don’t feel too excited about it. Perhaps if I’d gone with some friends it would’ve been different. I have no problem in going alone, and sometimes I even like it, but sharing experiences is much more fun! 😀

For more details, you can look at the pictures I’ve published in my London 2008 set.


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