Busy weekends

Being a “bohemio” again feels great, but I haven’t had too much time to write it down. After two busy weekends, it is time to report a little bit.

Last Friday there was the TOPdesk “jaarvergadering”, an annual meeting with all our colleagues, including international branches. It was a really good experience, and we had a lot of fun. Some pictures are available at Ted and Joost Flickr accounts. However, the weekend started earlier, because on Thursday we already went to have dinner together, at a Middle Age restaraunt, where you have to use your fingers to eat. On Saturday I was really tired, but it was sunny, so I managed to go out for a cycling tour, and then watch a movie at the last day of IFFR. The movie was horrible, but then we went to a Café with a very good atmosphere, to celebrate the end of the festival, and the night end up very well. On Sunday night, to compensate the day after, we watched a movie at home. A friend has bought a beamer, and we had to test it! 😉

This weekend I’ve also been busy. Friday night at Rotown, a pub I liked very much, with nice people, and yesterday the General Annual meeting and “borrel” of my new Karate club. First we ate some Chinese food, and then the meeting started. I’m really impressed on how organized Dutch people are. We discussed a lot of issues, like beginning the lessons on time, preparing some special events, look at the finances… Very “pofesional”. Then we continued drinking some wine and eating the delicious “hapjes” that Frank’s wife prepared for us. Lekker!

After the “borrel” i was planning to go to another party, but we talked until 1h, and then I decided to go home. I wanted to reserve some energies for today (and the rest of the week). It may seem I’m a “party” man, but that’s not true. It’s just that all parties have been placed together. Next week I’ll be a “enfant sage” and upload some pictures for my fans. 😀

Tot ziens!


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