Learning everywhere, all the time


Today I found inspiration for my Japanese dream:

  • Find a way to enter Japan, via a forum. First, look for a visa. I have two options, either find a work there or study a master. I’d rather find a work, so I can fund myself. Visas can be obtained for 3 or 1 year. I hope to get one! 🙂
  • Learn Japanese quickly, via another thread, that lead me to AJATT. What I got from the site is that you need to know what you want. Once you know, stick to it! I learned Dutch because I tried, day after day to understand it. Now everybody says I speak more or less correctly. The more diffcilut thing is to learn vocabulary and memorize kanji. That’s why Anki can be useful. I’ll install it tomorrow at work. I’m quite excited about it.
  • Well, in fact, revising the history of my browser I see that I entered the forum looking for a homebrew DS game. There’s quite a lot of info about R4 flash cards. I would do more research, but I want first to try with Anki, the spatial memory system.

For the curious ones, it all started with this Google search.



2 Responses to Learning everywhere, all the time

  1. Tomeu says:

    Partir a Japó és el darrer que te falta per ser un autèntic bohemio de primera jajajaja

  2. toni2 says:

    Uh, te nos quieres ir a Japón? Maldito!

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