Tornant a la vida de bohemio

Some time ago, when I was living in Barcelona as a student, I became a little “bohemio”. For me, despite any other definition, “bohemio” means living in a freedom of spirit, trying to get out of commercial ways, watching alternative movies, reading, assisting to clandestine bars and parties, going underground. As I’m not very good at expressing myself, let’s write some examples.

I began to go to the Filmoteca de Catalunya, where they projected classic movies, but also the Goya awards, or even some Oscar ones. Rules were strict: no food or drinks allowed. It was very different from a commercial cinema, and I really appreciated that. No one was talking during the film. It was amazing. You could even enjoy the presentation of a film by his director. Furthermore, tickets were cheap! Three euros and seventy cents for a screening, and you could get discount and pay only 1 euro. Bus to get there was more expensive. That way, I’d go even if I didn’t know the film. Just to try and discover. I like to discover and experience new things. I really miss that.

I also like to go to libraries, because I never know if a book will be interesting or not. I don’t like to buy books and then put them on a shelf. So what i do is go to a library, and pick books that perhaps I’d like, and I read them or return them if I don like them. Simple. I also like to buy second-hand books, because is kind of recycling. I don’t care if the book is a bit worn. It just have to be readable.

I remember my first contact with Jazz music. I went out for a walk, and arrive to a park. A big orchestra was playing, and I felt in love with it. It was incredible, I just sit on the grass, and listened to it. Then I started to download and listen to Jazz music, and tell my friends. I also went to “Jazz sí”, a bar where people played in jam sessions. It was full of people. I must have some videos and pictures of that.

It was great. I miss it. That’s why last year I register in the DOK, the Delft local library. It’s too new for my taste, and I cannot find any classic book from Spain (most of them are in Dutch), but it’s a library. You can get 2 books at the same time for 26€ a year. What I usually do is borrow a book in French and another one in English, or take a comic in Dutch. That way I keep my languages up to date. I usually read before going to bed, until I fell asleep. So reading is covered.

Last year, I went a couple of times to the Doelen Cafe, in Rotterdam. On Sundays they play live music. In Delft I used to go to the Bebop, but I stopped. I guess due to work. I should go again to socialize a little bit. Two years ago, when I was studying at TU Delft, I also frequented the Filmhuis Lumen. It was nice, and similar to a Renoir. In addition, I was wearing my beard of “bohemio brut”. However, after starting to work I left all those cultural activities. Even my favorite sport.

Last week I decided to go to the cinema again, to watch Bienvenue chez les ch’tis, a French comedy. However, I was too late, so I tried (unsuccessfully) to download it. Today I was also late, but I managed to enter. I’m very happy I did, because the film was great. Thanks to Jean-Claude to recommend me this film. It is really funny. In addition, I decided to become a Donateur for 33€ a year. Then all the films are at 3,50€ instead of 7,50€. I think it’s quite a deal if you go twice a month. I also got a poster, and a lot of newspapers and announcements. Next movie in my wishlist is Le silence de Lorna, from Luc Dardenne.

Thus, I’m happy again. 😀


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  1. […] Today, after several years working and living with Dutch people, I feel like one of them. I guess I’m in the third level. My life is now “stable”. I have a full-time job, a home, friends, regular activities. If I do “nothing”, I could really stay “forever” in Delft. There is no more “uncertainty”. But I miss the excitement of discovering new things everyday. That is why I started with my Japanese lessons. I need something “new” every once in a while, and to return to my bohemian life. […]

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