Learning Japanese the fun way


Yesterday, I couldn’t didn’t go to my Japanese course, so I was feeling guilty, and today I decided to surf the net to find some educational sites. Bingo! I found a really funny website, with a memory game to learn Katakana, and then some silly videos like this one:

The guy from Genki Japan, recommends getting an electronic dictionary. That would be a good idea, but then I thought, why not use a Nintendo DS? I googled and found an answer to my question: Studying Japanese with a Nintendo DS. The Kanji game has to be wonderful. Learning the fun way!

I’ve already looked at bol.com and found a NintendoDS Lite pack for 169 € (including Zelda). I’m only wondering where I can buy the Kanji game from (here in NL) and whether I should wait for the DSi. Bart bought one in Japan and is cool, and everything is in Japanese! 😛

I will think about it while I’m sleeping… 😉


One Response to Learning Japanese the fun way

  1. Tomeu says:

    You need a DS jajajajaja

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