Experimenting with Rice and Chicken


Today, I felt innovative, and decided to eat something different and quick. Recipe for one person:

  • Defreeze one chicken fillet.
  • Boil rice (1 cup rice = 1 cup water) during 10 minutes at low speed.
  • Chop 1 onion, half red pepper, and half aubergine in long.
  • Cook at low speed with olive oil (no salt).
  • Cut the chicken and macerate it with garlic and soy sauce.
  • When the vegetables are ready, add the chicken and a little bit more soy sauce. You can also add some Mirin.
  • Cook until the chicken is done.

The aubergine with soy sauce was really delicious, so I thought I must share it. I hope you’ll enjoy. 😉

Bon profit!


One Response to Experimenting with Rice and Chicken

  1. Tomeu says:

    Salsa de soja per tot, eh?

    Visca s’oli d’oliva!!!!!!!!!! jajajaja

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